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  1. Would this be done in my graphics card control panel? I was unable to find anything similar to this when I looked through Could it be somewhere else, or under a different guise? I'm not sure how it'd be done with an intel card, I have a nvidia card myself and it's on the main control panel once I open it. You'd probably have to look into it on google or something and see how it's done with an intel card though.
  2. Have you tried forcing the anti-aliasing option on with your graphics card, rather than turning it on within Runescape?
  3. You should never be doing esswraiths unless there's absolutely NO nodes up. Nodes are common, and they're worth running around looking for. I was pushing up to 110k+ experience an hour when I was at around level 95 by hunting nodes and only doing wraiths in the unlikely instance that I was running out of essence.
  4. What's your name in OTG? Can't say I recognize you.

  5. Glad we've switched over. We integrate over to Tip.it and I get accepted into the monster hunting team on the same day. #goodday
  6. :wink: been waiting for this to happen for awhile now.
  7. I've been following him on Twitter for sometime now and he frequently talks about his new game company that he's working on. He seems to be fully dedicated to this new game and it's actually looking quite interesting so far.
  8. http://open.tip.it/high-score-stats Nothing more than a mass ban. Optimus isn't ready and it's been confirmed by Mod Emilee on the RS forums that it's not being released this month.
  9. I personally believe it varies from skill to skill. Some skills don't really have any perks at level 99 other than having a cape. I'd say 80, or even 85+ in all skills would classify as not low to me anymore.
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