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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Awesome! Thank you all I have the most lofty goal to attain on runescape if you get it right I will respond on my next post with this quote: "Awesome Combo" Note my first post still applies to this one. I say this for matters of clarity and epic accuracy. If no one gets it right in the next ten posts at least I will wait until some one says the two words in this thread I was to hear. I will not respond untill someone gets it right personal pm's and hints are not given from me. This is a almost impossible riddle yet i will pm the tip.it staff the answer so they know and I don't incur the wrath of a unholy king black dragon. Tip.it it staff and mods do not quailify to answer the riddle though the have my permisson to incase people can't figure it out after whenever the mods and staff of tip.it decide it's time to end the thread. Also I mean no disrespect at this hype tactic to anyone. If I have offended any mods or tip.it staff take it down. Thank you for your awesome dedication to runescape everyone I am wartec the #1 longest playing runescape customer besides runescape staff. Have fun.
  3. I'm on da grind in runescape!!!

  4. I'm on da grind in runescape

  5. Thank you! A very honorable response indeed.
  6. I have a suggestion it would help me greatly if you have or get a button that can transform posts into printer friendly versions so I can keep my records right. I ask this not knowing if you do this or not for sure, thank you for your time.
  7. Hi, I am wartec. I am here to introduce myself and respond only to questions on based on this same topic and the tags I manually added. We all should already know the rules. I say this only to give a suggested added criteria for the questions that might me asked as follows: There is no such thing as a stupid question. Yet there is such a thing as an offensive question I will ignore any and all questions I deem offensive by simply not answering them. Otherwise all standard rules outlined by the staff of tip.it is enforced without any effort on my part so Lets begin. I simply hope for the best.
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