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  1. A groggy 1108 coming in
  2. I'm a sucker for Tequila. I'll drink it by itself on the rocks, or with orange juice. Sooo good.
  3. insperation.09


    Today I woke up thinking it was Sunday. I was 3 hours late to work.
  4. On the plus side, you now know the in's and out's of slaying chickens, AND, you know you're not in to dudes. Hooray for self discovery!
  5. The difference between spamming a key and holding it down are minimal (at least for me anyway). As Hedgehog as stated, it's most likely just a keyboard compatibility issue, since I have the same issue as well. Just stick with spamming a key, it gets the job done just fine.
  6. Quite simply the best way to put it. The game has become a single minded entity. There is no major benefit collaborating with others. It's all about getting the best xp/hr at the best gp/xp and having little xp waste. I agree with this as well. RS Wiki has something on everything. If somebody doesn't know something, it's a few keystrokes away, rather than posting on forums and waiting for a reply. To answer your question urb, the vast majority of fans have simply left the fansites. They aren't as... useful and influential as they once were. It's a sad reality, one I hope to see reversed in the future, but my confidence is fading.
  7. Just throwing these two out there... Emma Roberts The lovely Felicia Day
  8. Most recently I re-watched Conan, the Jason Mamoa version. I have to say, it is definitely one of my more favorite movies. Mamoa has a very barbaric look to him, even before he was cast in Conan. I give it a definite 9/10
  9. The creator of this picture is a genius...
  10. insperation.09


    I'm used to the Toronto rental prices. For $1000, you get a hobo's second-hand box. Been looking for a place to rent, and I couldn't find anything near your rent range, without a roommate. Also looked at a few apartments. Even found one that has a $1400 maintenance fee ON TOP of the mortgage. Yeah, prices are pretty borked everywhere. You guys just need to move out of the big cities. Out in the prairies (Regina, SK) you can buy 1400-1600 sq ft condos for around $200,000-$250,000. A nice sized house starts $300,000+ =)
  11. Hockey is back! Is anybody else as relieved as I am that they've finally come to an agreement?
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