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  1. The new game is called Chronicles: Runescape Legends, and it is a TCG.
  2. It's looking like Home Page will be the first to get 3 200m skills. If he continues at his current pace, he will get 200m cooking in about 2 weeks, and he'll just have to get 30m more defence XP to achieve another 200m.
  3. It is quite nice that we have a calculator for the amount of time until someone gets 200m all. There's still yet to be one made for RS3, at least not in a leaderboard form like this one. In a way, it is kind of a shame that we have an accurate-ish calculator for it. Most of the thread for RS3 is speculation on who would be the first to get it, who's in the lead, etc. but now we know the latter, and the former will most likely be one of the top 20 people atm. Here we don't have much to talk about besides mentioning 200ms that have been achieved and XP rates. In other news, Vestfold/Hexis Vest will likely get 200m Thieving within 24 hours. He will be the first person with 2 200ms.
  4. @Acid Bubble I'm in both pictures, wearing all purple and an air staff. I'm surprised I'm in any pictures, I was firemaking and away from the main group most of the time :P _______________________ I've been slowly building this collection since I started playing. Don't really want them anymore, so if I find anyone I'll probably sell them.
  5. There's at least two three players who have gotten more XP: Lvls has gotten 182m summoning XP since BXP started. Efferent has gotten 172m in the last 24 hours. Dark X has gotten 168m this weekend. All three players now have 200m.
  6. Ahhhh, ok. If it was making fun of him then glad its gone. I thought you'd had a video removed that was just him winning the award. It way literally just that. The comments were bad though. Video was the exact thing shown in the stream, no edits. But the title/description was making fun of him?
  7. Most likely longer, you would have to play on average 16 hours a day to do it in that time. 8-10 years is more likely. I don't know of anyone who has said they are, but there's a few people who seem to be going for more than one 200m. Here's their XP in their 14m+ skills: Fixed, 200m cooking and 75m thievingZtary, 45m att, 36m def, 46m str, 48m hp, not doing slayerMalt Lickeys, 38m att, def, str, 43m hp, 18m ranged, 32m slayersouthpark205, 29m att, str, 65m def, 41m hp
  8. I'm close to the top 300k in mining and agility, but I really need to work on all of my combat skills and woodcutting. My progress for the last week: If anyone actually reads this, btw, feel free to comment. :P
  9. It's much more expensive to buy XP with SoF then people seem to think. According to the RS Wikia, the chances of getting a lamp in a spin are about 17%. 200 spins is $50, and even if all of the lamps were mediums, non skill specific, and used on level 98+ skills, that would only get you about 580k XP. So at 1 prestige, getting from 98-99 alone would cost $250. And how many people do you think will spend a week's salary on a days worth of XP?
  10. That is correct: https://twitter.com/JagexJack/status/388404027588759552
  11. Actually 5th prestige is 195 mil xp. That's not the case. The Devblog says: It doesn't say that the XP required will double from the last prestige level.
  12. It's an interesting idea, but I don't like it that much. 200Ms will be devalued a bit, and buyable skills will be a list of 'who has the most money'. And I really don't like that it'll become the 'main' hiscores. I probably won't go for any prestige, except maybe for easier/faster skills like cooking or firemaking.
  13. Because of the 200m limit, the highest prestige you'll be able to get in each skill is 15, and the max level after that will be 58. Which means if you were insane enough to spend your entire life prestiging, you'd be able to get a total level of 40433, or 41976 after the next skill is out.
  14. Because of a RuneHQ competition, I shall attempt to get in the top 300k for all skills by October 26th. Here's how much XP I need:
  15. Haven't done anything all that interesting lately. I did achieve these though:
  16. No, the colors for most areas are still way off if you invert the colors.
  17. It only took me all day to do it. It was very competitive especially in the last few hours, it took me about 3 hours to get into the top 700 from 1k. Rank 1000 is at 202 runs, which is only about 45 minutes of running behind what I did.
  18. I haven't been playing much recently, I've only gotten 300k XP in the last week. I've been doing the Wildy run thing most of the time I've been on the last couple days, so I can get the titles. I'll probably get to 50 runs later today.
  19. Fairy Queen worked for me. I haven't done any of the Fairy quests though.
  20. Here's an (unconfirmed) list of all of the challenges that was posted on Reddit: Since it was posted about an hour before the BTS video was out, however, it's very possible that it's real.
  21. I've decided I'll take a break here, and do some quests and achievements.
  22. Well, I sort of changed my mind on not doing divination: My new goal, if it's even possible, is to get back into the top 5k every day, for as long as I can. Which probably isn't very long since I can't play as long as most of the other people with 60+ div.
  23. It still doesn't seem to be working correctly, now it's giving me how much XP I need for one rank.
  24. Gave up with Divination at level 42, I'll just wait until the inevitable update where the XP rates are increased. My highest rank was around 650. I leveled fletching up to 70 using Stealing Creation knives, and did Fremennik Trials and Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
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