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  1. Did you ever try updating the file as suggested previously? I get the impression that the line "If you are running a Windows 7 or 8 machine with 4gig of RAM then you should be safe to make the change I’m about to suggest." should say "AT LEAST 4gig of RAM" the reason being that it gives you a larger amount of RAM to allocate as you want. Since you have 8gig then you should also be safe to try it(if you haven't yet)
  2. When trying out revolution I noticed that half the time during a kill I am using auto-attacks while I have two or three basics ready to use. When I tried it out on beta I noticed the same issue, voted no on it being ready to launch, but obviously didn't make much difference. Is this the expected behaviour, and has anyone else encountered this? If this is just glitchy, I would have assumed these kinds of things would be fixed before launching since it required a player vote to launch.
  3. Actually, you can get 5 small XP lamps, one each for your 5 lowest skills, once you get 2 of each chocolate. So there's minimal XP to be gained, but you need at least 600(6 chocolates * 2 each) notes to get the XP. If you're incredibly lucky. Otherwise, destroy them. I've been destroying all of mine now that I have all of the rewards.
  4. I'm getting 99 sum and range. Then probably some extra slayer training just because I like it. Then I'll do whatever I feel like doing... Maybe some div or wc. not much more than that though.
  5. You forgot one attraction for games "Having fun". ;) The only real difference I've noticed is emptier worlds. Years ago I remember the worlds always being 500+ pop. It's not too hard to find a 200 pop world these days, though that may be due to the lack of bots. I still enjoy it though. I'd suggest giving coming back a shot.
  6. Selling is always a good option too. Last time I sold mine(over the weekend) they were selling for 2k each. Also some easy mils there.
  7. You forgot an "About frigging time update": Pets and familiars can no longer be taken into the Falador Party Room.
  8. They are sitll useable. You click on the item you want to use and select a skill just like before. Pendants will transform into the pendant of your choice, then you click on it again to apply the BXP. Recharge gems will apply the BXP to the skill as soon as you select the skill you want. By defualt I believe it uses one recharge gem at a time, but you can right click to use many at a time and it will ask how many you want to use.
  9. But you still need to be @ lrc for 1700 hours to even achieve dat 200m mining =3! As far as I can see in your calculations, you are moving mage and smith exp gains to mining magically (get the pun?), which cannot be done. If you say about 90k pure mining exp/h (during superheating/dropping/qh and whatnot): (200m-13m) / 90k = 2077. So you need to be in LRC for 2077 hours according to those calculations. I think thats your mistake there o.O But don't take it from me as I am a girl =) @Lioness, I came up with the same calculations. @Warband Prod Reading all the math "facts" that have been spewed has left my mind reeling, as I'm not sure how such calculations such as how is "200/90 = 2.2" the same as "200,000,000/90,000 = 2,222.2". Obviously those numbers are assuming the same rate for the first 13m which is inaccurate. When you remove trailing zeroes while doing math, you have to remove the same number of zeroes for each number e.g. remove 3 zeroes from "90,000" then remove 3 from "200,000,000" which is actually "200,000/90" So using the numbers you have provided of 90k mining xp/hr 75k magic xp/hr and 75k smithing xp/hr. Mining: 200,000,000-13,000,000 = 187,000,000 187,000,000 / 90,000 = 2077 hours. Smithing AND Magic: In the time it takes to get 200m mining you get: 2077 * 75,000 = 155,775,000. So you don't even get 200m smith/magic as you are claiming, you would still need to spend time training these skills doing other things(assuming you started all of this when all 3 were at 13m) CONCLUSION: reading wrong math spewed as "fact" makes my head hurt.
  10. They said that despite being a 'buyable' skill, it will be very slow. They also said they intend on the 'buyable' part of the skill only contributing a small percentage bonus to XP rates.
  11. FWIW(which isn't really much at this point) in the Question/Answer thread for the invention skill, when asked about whether or not the skill will be buyable the response was something along the lines of "The XP increase for the 'buyable' portion should only be around 5% better" Obviously the skill is still in planning, and they don't have XP rates, or really anything, planned. So that could change, but a 5% increase isn't a drastic increase. I believe it was also stated that the XP rates are currently planned to be around the same rate as smithing XP. FWIW.
  12. I voted for Invention, primarily because I want the missing component for Divination. Plus I don't truly like any of the pocket slot items available, and am hoping that better options will arrive with Invention. I wouldn't truly mind if the Elf City wins, because that's been a long time coming. My hope is that the Invention skill isn't put off until 2015. Now, what I am unable to understand is this: Why are they only in the "planning stages" of invention? They promised us two skills at the beginning of last year, meaning they were planning on invention at that point. Then they pushed invention off to the "beginning of 2014 or (if lucky) December 2013" at this stage I had the impression they were working on it. Now they're saying they're only drafting ideas? I simply don't get it.
  13. I'm not too familiar with the lore so don't take this as me saying you're wrong. Is the above definition of lore for the GE actual fact as stated by Jagex? Or is it merely your interpretation of how to view the GE in regards to the lore? As far as the latter option I tend to view the GE more in the sense as a giant marketplace where our adventurer goes to buy things. In this view it is possible to imagine your adventurer perusing various goods and coming across the ascension shards. Having a good understanding of fletching you notice that they would provide great quality as ammo whether it's bolts arrows etc. So you purchase them as such. As far as the ports scroll goes, I agree with you that it wouldn't necessarily have an in depth description of what the different components are that are needed. Since you need a certain fletching level in order to decipher the scroll, it's safe to assume that you would be able to understand how the different components are put together. If there is one piece that you are unable to decipher due to it being a material you are un familiar with you would use a substitute. Since you understand how ranged weapons work and are put together, it is reasonable to assume that you can identify the purpose of this mysterious material and come up with an alternative, such as the ascension shard, that would fulfill the purpose diagrammed in the scroll. As far as my opinion is concerned, I think it's a completely reasonable.... reasoning, for lack of a better term.
  14. Maybe they're spending all of their money on "hyping up" the update as opposed to developing it ;)
  15. Anyone have the patch notes? Sounds like a very useful update. While it might not be some major content release, I think it's one of those much needed make life easier type of updates.
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