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    In school we have a dress code that is strictly black clothes but no skirts, no heels, no cleavage showing, no shorts, & no tights. These girls today came to school in black see-through leggings & heels.. So now, our dress code is being changed.. to black scrubs :wall: Not only are we NOT in school to be nurses, or doctors (it's beauty school).. Scrubs are like $15~$20 for the top and $5~$25 for the bottoms.. I don't have that kind of cash to just waste on clothes I won't use after school ends :evil: Ugh, okay.. I'm done ranting.
  2. My little sister; she loves to chase our dog that is 2x the size of her. It's funny because the dog acts like she is scared of my sister haha.
  3. It's all a matter of opinion, one may say you are while another says you aren't. If you still consider yourself one then you are. I personally say you still are; I'm getting all my member skills to 5. Of course, in the future, I may actually get membership, but that's still debatable.
  4. So, some weird things happened.. basically I was hacked, but I recovered the account & my Tip.It account was hacked too. Thankfully, I got both back & have done some things to make my accounts & computer(s) safe. Anyway here is an update on how my account progress has been going.. Anyway, after I get 50 fishing I was thinking of getting 50 mining, but instead of just getting 50 smithing, I'd make steel bars (buying the iron & coal) for a little profit until I have about 20M or so. Still not sure though.
  5. I recovered an old account of mine, and it has membership! Score ^^
  6. Yeah, I understand that. I wanted a Nikon, but for everything I wanted it was an extra $779 that my parents didn't have. They saved up money since I started school to get me a decent graduation gift, but for my middle school years they were really low on cash and couldn't do that. So there was 3 years where nothing was being added to it, but I don't mind. It was generous of them to do so in the first place.
  7. Updated with 50 runecrafting, took forever! I was so under motivated.. & I bet Mining will be the same, it's hard to mine in f2p. Stingy little bots everywhere!
  8. Can barely hear it, had to turn up the volume to 100% on my computer and the video.. On top of that if you're done with it why are you bothering to make a video about it? If you want to quit, then just quit and don't go back or talk about it. You're contradicting yourself there. Makes no sense that you quit, yet just joined a Fan/Help Forums today. Not to mention, you're talking about being constructive yet you're making a video about a game you say you quit. Runescape may not matter to you, and may not have a purpose for you. For others its a game to enjoy, most of the people who play do it in their free time. Example: I got to school and work, but while on vacation I am playing Runescape and spending time with family. I am completely happy, and I have quit Runescape before. Just because at that one point time you didn't want to play - doesn't mean you won't want to play at a later date. I think you need to really re-think the quote "practice what you preach"
  9. Yeah, but people like the look of the staff and/or the robes. I just think it's dumb to make the minigame f2p with no f2p rewards.
  10. So, I get that it's F2p, but.. 1. If the rewards are f2p and so is the higher runes - then what do f2p really get out of it? Other than rcing exp without spending money/countless hours getting rune essence.
  11. Good luck, I'd never be able to do such a thing. I'd get so bored, I am already having a hard time sticking to Runecrafting right now, and I only have 9 more levels to go before I hit the goal..
  12. Canon - EOS Rebel T3i 18.0-Megapixel DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens. I have tons of accessories and extra lenses though. We spent over $1.3k on my camera + accessories. Best graduation gift ever!
  13. Thanks Yew Treess :) Updated with 50 Cooking today, starting Runecrafting right now. 4 down, 4 to go - then I can start dging!
  14. Item - Level - Exp to Make - Sell to Store Value - G.E Value - Low Alch - High Alch Gloves - 25 - 32 - 60 - 7 - 80 - ?? Boots - 27 - 34 - 300 - 399 - 400 - 600 These items also aren't in the Calculators for crafting
  15. Updated today with 50 crafting, hoping to have 50 cooking done today as well!
  16. I couldn't believe how hard it's been to get these resources. It took me TWO days to get 60 resources for the Coronet of Summer - thankfully I wasn't going for the crown itself because I would have never gotten it. I have the Coronet of Summer & another ~120 resources.
  17. Not a member so neither of those are useful to me :) I prefer the quest tab, it's easier than having to go into the notice board and then to the quest tab and then having to find the quest you're looking for. Just my personal opinion.
  18. Thanks everyone! Updated post #2 with my 50 wc & fm pictures and my 1M cash stack achievement - thank you ashes, and merching!
  19. Exactly, that's why I'm thinking I'll test out the combat academy on another account, and if it gives exp then I won't do it. Quick-ish & simple!
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