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  1. I also liked the XP from Warbands :D In meantime I'm doing some tree+fruit tree runs :D I try keep this blog alive still, but I can't promise anything :P Have a nice day! ~Viz
  2. After using all my charms I went PP :D
  3. Excuse me for my absence here, but I was busy irl and used my free time to get many levels in RS :D First of all: Friday (BXPW)
  4. I have gotten 89 Summoning on Friday, and today I will finish 90 or even 91 Thieving goal :) Screens l8r. ~Viz
  5. Hey! Happy Bonus XP Weekend :))) Today I will get 88 Summoning also with 2400 total level :))) Thiev is skill which I'm going to be 99 in. 99 Ranged praty of my friend :) I'm proud of that floor, because it is my first sub7 floor keyed by me. :) ~Viz
  6. Many people who has 200m dg (im one of them) got it because only thing we play rs for is dung. Many dgs clanmates got 200m not because of going for total xp, just of daily dunging for fun/being better at dg.
  7. If you are good at dungeoneering you can sell floors. I average 6-9m/h with 1leech. Its also skilling, cuz u get DG xp :D
  8. For additional saggi arrows just do few occults larges (36-38) or one floor with someone who can choose boss. Arrows are easy to get :P
  9. Hi, again I've changed my plans, but max total is still my goal :D Few days ago I bought range eq to farm crimson charms on Waterfiends, because on bxpw I wanna get 88 Summoning. When 88 Summoning will be done I would get 80 Thieving :) Anyone would to share bxpw plans? :P And between levels obviously I went dging :D ^ This is my new personal best time :) Most of Ranged XP is gotten from DG :D ~Viz
  10. Sell warps 2m/ea and its 50 warps so like 12-13hours.
  11. Hey guys, did you miss me? :D I finished 99 Firemaking goal and now I am selling floors for money and getting Thiev levels :D Pyramid Plunders seems to be funny ^^ I would gather like 400M for Bonus XP week and get some 99 buyables :D ~Viz
  12. If you are good at dungeoneering, you could start selling floors in one of friends chats. Its 6-12m/H.
  13. Hello. Time to post some (very interesting LOL) pic's of Firemaking. xD #Divine #Box #Trap About 7.6k Magic logs till 99 Firemaking. I'm really bored with this skill :\ Once I'll got 99FM I will go for 99 Thiev :D ~Viz
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