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  1. British Columbia is known to have the best bud in Canada but there will be no physical stores. :(
  2. I remember... Were you not a RSC pure pker? Did you have fun hunting mains? :D
  3. 4.2k views, does that say there is a majority of people out there that want a DarkScape classic?
  4. Considering alcohol is incredibly dangerous and has the worst withdrawel of all mind altering substances, I find myself wondering why weed wasn't legalized centuries ago.
  5. Recovered my oldest beta account hoping for a white phat and mask.... bogus. But what I did find was a rune long addy kite and mithril plate hahaha. Oh, and 300 coal.
  6. RSCLegacy.com Literally the best PS out there! Rares, all p2p unlocked and a slow yet rewarding x3 xp for skills and 8x maximum for combat leveling. Subs can be bought at decent prices for xp bonus' and all that sort of thing. Slayer and Clan Wars will be introduced soon. Playable on your android or PC. Multilog all you want. It is basically the game we all used to play except every single thing has been tweaked for quality of life/enjoyment.
  7. I shit you not, Kenny... we was buds in RSC! Also look up legacy, the greatest PS of all time. They thrive on nostolgia and every thing in game is being tweaked also.
  8. Gang Sabre


    I think the video speaks for itself! Video isn't working but heres a youtube link: " "
  9. RuneScape Classic Legacy Rares (Phats scythes masks eggs and more) are being introduced to this 3 month old RSC PS tomorrow evening. http://www.rsclegacy.com/thread.php?id=859
  10. Gang Sabre


    Noooo... that word comes from "All in the Family" where Archie Bunker repeatadly calls his son in law, "Meathead." Also, brain eating zombies for example might have hunger for human flesh because they are so lacking in brain power.
  11. RSC Legends Its a PS started 2 weeks ago. Nows a good time to join. ;) Just tried searching and the site wouldn't show up, so get it here; http://rsclegends.com/
  12. I don't know why, but coolers make me hyper...
  13. Maple Story is a great 2D MMO. Only reason I dont play it is; the game only works in full screen. I played that a bit more than every other MMO I found out there. Also does anyone know what happened to Well Of Souls?? It had a great community when I left there years back.
  14. Keep trying, I want to see AS thrive again!
  15. Finally hit 200M total XP, I supppose that is sort of relevant. ;)
  16. A I iller? am I iller? Than a natural born killer??? Some Old School gangster rap for you.
  17. I figure I spent all this time and money on RS so no way I'm going to quit.
  18. Gang Sabre


    Finished my Psych II course yesterday. All completed with RS on the side. ;)
  19. [kitty]cat Dolls That was censored lol ^ :P
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