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  1. If I mtk raw fish then I'll have to c2 fish or do barb fishing. I'll only learn to hate myself more X.X
  2. I hate being an adult. I'm going to start being a 12 year old again. Just finished work for the week, past three days I pumped out 34 hours rip my feet. Itching to get back to scape, but atm trying to get some food with 0 money irl. Brb lil five finger discount. Funny story, got to campus this week but boss had keys and was on the way home. Wait like 30 mins and get the clever idea to try to pick the lock on the door only to get caught by a coworker. Luckily the keys were hidden outside the office. That was fun explaining that. To celebrate success last night we ordered like 75$ worth of pizza and man was it delicious. Just wish I didn't pig out as much now. 6 of us total destroyed all that pizza. Also I met a guy who has a brother who runs some museum in Illinois or something so he's going to talk to him and I'm going to call about a possible internship. My college requires us to do an internship @ 180 hours at least for graduation as one of the requirements. Also talking with someone at a neighboring college to go study aboard in Italy. But enough about irl; as far as scape goes I dinged 75 mining and started fishing to get the cooking up.
  3. not dead. Playing pokemon reborn/working a lot atm. I'll prob make an update when I unlock prif.
  4. almost forgot I had one of this for a mo. Then realized I was taking pics. Odd.
  5. Thanks :D I agree. I put I think 14 hours in the past two days on New Vegas. Soooo much fun.
  6. big update. Bank pic too Bank. Herbs should be in order? Seeds should. I think the tt items are
  7. Hmmm much better? Idk bout thatIt's my opinion on the matter. I can't really seem to enjoy FO3 half as much as NV. Well first off, New Vegas has good writing. It makes sense. It also is more accurate as far as lore goes. True Iron Sights is an option that lets you use the weapon's ironsights. VATS lets you take more damage during it. They got rid of Big Guns and Small Guns and now it's just Guns. The companions are much better. Apart from having Fawkes you get Rex, Arcade, Boone, Veronica, Cass. Did I mention the writing? New Vegas continues to build on Fallout 1/2. There are some cons, like lack of Combat Shotgun, it's a desert(some people's complaint), non PC version has nothing you can do I think for 1 perk every 2 levels but you do get to go up to Level 50 so 25 perks total. Idk, there was never a scene in New Vegas that made me go wtf like in Fallout 3 when you beat the enclave. They had Vertibirds and some artillery, how did they not just bomb the Citadel and just win that way? I'd give Fallout 3 a 8/10 and New Vegas 8.5/10
  8. fallout new vegas has taken over[again]. I have some progress to post but I'll probably wait until I have more done. Prob this weekend/monday playing through AWOP for the first time. Man those Gecko's startled me
  9. Congrats on 138/99 prayer/99 defense! Looks like you just have strength and summoning and then you've maxed combat! :)
  10. *blush* So the road to prif is real. My tentative plans are as follows; 75 Construction 75 Firemaking 85 Dg 78 Cooking 77 Fletching 75 Prayer 79 Attack/Strength Mine as much iron (up to 10k) as I can stand Get Lava Suit from Lava Flow Mine If I'm not 77 mining, mine granite to 77 Rocking Out Elder Kiln Curse of Aravv Firemaker's Curse Plague's End Ritual of the Mahjarret Void questline (Full World Wakes rewards unlocked at this point, also dw t75 melee acquired) Somepoint during all of this I plan to get 70 Divination/Farming Unlisted quests would be requirements. At this point I would be at around 300 qps I think to unlock another block/prefer. I'd have access to Morvran/Automatons/Glacors (for the Armadyl Battlestaff for unlimited airs + t77/78?) Push for all Hard Diaries 80+ All skills The general idea for 80+ would be; Agility: Hef Course Construction: same as what I'm doing now Divination: Memories miniquest + cache Woodcutting: Teaks Fishing: Monkfish Cooking: small children Firemaking: Maples Fletching: Maples Farming: continued herb/allotment/tree runs Hunter: Big Chin, grenwalls when able Crafting: harps/challenges/gems Mining: Granite? Smithing: Iron mined while getting 77 mining is enough for 80 Thieving: pretty much just smash my face in the keyboard until either my face has keys stuck in it or my keyboard has face stuck in it (read Challenges/blackjacking?) To keep upkeep on seeds I plan to get the seedicide during the next Pest Control spotlight while I get void. So maybe some aquanites. Once I unlock prif and full world wakes rewards I'll be slaying again. When I get 95 slayer I might camp Ganodermics. I'm going to try to do my daily reaper tasks more often. My end all be all goal for the summer or before heading back to college (like mid august?) would be 80+ all and a quest cape. We'll see how things go. Ummm, yea. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to give them to me. My pm is always on etc. Thanks for your time.
  11. Congratulations on completion of all quests Oddish!
  12. Like 3m xp day nbd Probably going to take a break for a day or something. Jeez. 500kish slayer xp. Made a few mil in gp. 70+ next....
  13. All hail the lord and savior, poopdude30. He who is resurrected from the dead! ALL HAIL POOPDUDE30 #teampoopdude30
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