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  1. Because that just makes so much sense. >.<
  2. You'll have to forgive me... bn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJObP2Ptww8 EDIT: Oooh blood necklace, duh.
  3. I'm assuming that the bosses are a high level when playing on hard mode. As a result of this, are primal/t99 drops much more common? I ask because I much prefer dunging solo but getting primal gear to bind is near impossible by myself.
  4. Why is most people's measure of 'worthwhile' dependent on how much XP an hour something nets you? I'd love to solo a large floor every now and again, just for fun. Fun is a pretty important measure of how worthwhile something is to me. I can't see any real reason why we don't have that option, unless there were concerns there would be too many people generating large dungeons and causing strain on some servers.
  5. Is the 'access to 2 more bind slots' reward from the hard tasks just 2 more 'reserve' bind slots in total for all items, or 2 more active bind slots? In other words, can we have a maximum of 7 bound items equipped now, or is it still 5?
  6. Looks like you made it, Matt! In fact you're a rank better than you said you were.
  7. Easy task, didn't take long. The world I was in had enough people, but not too many, though. Looks like I finished rank 350 for Bulldog.
  8. Yeah having 27 pieces of food left after eating something was fine for me too.
  9. My inventory: Monkfish Rocktail Shark Tuna potato Stew Lobster Trout Cod Shrimps Tuna Salmon Anchovy Pizza Cake Chocolate Cake Bass Admiral Pie Herring Cooked Chicken Crayfish Pike Manta Ray Mackerel Cooked oomlie wrap Cooked meat Cooked sweetcorn Cooked rabbit Cabbage Wild Pie I just blindly bought most of it on the GE.
  10. Eat something while having 28 different types of food and drink in your inventory.
  11. You can run southwards too. It even tells you when you reach the top that you've started another run. Hunter - I've had the same issue and apparently some areas are glitched. Try running in another spot. I've been basically running up and down in line with the Black Knight's Fortress and it's always failed going south. Someone told me to try running up and down in line with the spirit tree in the GE, that worked for them. I've yet to try another spot yet but I will do shortly. EDIT: Actually, I just tried a run up and back. I started in line with the spirit tree in the GE as mentioned. On my way back I arrived a little east of that point, but my run back counted.
  12. I'm not really a fan of how a lot of the text now is so... uncrisp. Reminds me of when Microsoft started shoving ClearType in everyone's face.
  13. What's the difference between some of the signs and portents? The sign of life requires 78 divination and the portent of life requires 99. You'd assume from this that the portent would be better in some regard, but the only difference I can gleam from information in-game and on the wiki is that you can't equip the portent. For any situations that I can think of, this actually makes the portent worse. Am I missing something?
  14. Don't feel sad, Scrying Pool has a load of selfproclaimed "loremasters" who are pricks to anyone who doesn't know obscure details of the lore. However, I like the theory about the connection between Robert and V-----. Because if we look at the timeline of the Stone of Jas, the most plausible moment the Kethsians obtained the Stone was after the Moon Clan used it (they gave it away to persons who walked a higher astral path, like the Kethsians, who were superb mages). Once the Stone was there, after some time, the Dragonkin attacked and wiped out the Kethsian civilisation. Robert the Strong somehow came to know of the Kethsians and got to their plane (probably through the World Gate, as the Kethsian Mage did who obtained the Stone) and stored some of his items there, to be found by the player, knowing he would be reborn some day later. I see a small link. :) EDIT: V----- is the one bloke who touched the Stone and became "wiser" in a vision we had when we touched the Stone in WGS. To clarify, his name differs from player to player but always starts with a V, hence V------. See http://runescape.wik...om/wiki/V------ (This was aimed at Kimberly but I realise that's not too clear)
  15. Bleh. Those colours are all ugly*. I guess 6 is the least vomit inducing of the lot. :-X *In my opinion, of course. I appreciate that we all have different tastes.
  16. Honestly, how are you meant to collect enough of these metal fragments? I've killed all minions I've seen for the last while and I've only got 18. It just takes forever... Also, what's wrong with the music? If I select any tracks manually they never play. If I enter an area the track plays for a bit but never repeats. Didn't there used to be an option to loop the background track? I can't find it now.
  17. Warbands did need a change but I think this was a bit much. Having it synchronized across all worlds every 7 hours really sucks for those whose schedules don't permit it. Oh well ¯\(°_o)/¯
  18. You got it backwards, Split = No cape (as in the different chats are split among several worlds) Shared = cape (all the chats share worlds) That's according to the termonology of the friend chats, at least. This is correct
  19. Yeah in the state that this is in currently, it's very disappointing. Oh well, I guess we'll see how this evolves as the future god content is released.
  20. Dunno if all the fragments are in the same place for everyone, but I've found: 2 north of Al-Kharid - Just southwest of the chasm mine - Southeast of the chasm mine 2 around Lumbridge and Draynor - Just north and slightly east of the Draynor lodestone - Quest Cape K tells me this one's in the cow pen (thanks! :)) 3 in southern Asgarnia - Southeast of the Port Sarim jail - Southwest corner of Melzar's Maze - ? 2 north of Falador - Northwest of the entrance of the Dwarvern Mine, southwest of the Oracle - East of the standing stones (right on the northeastern corner of the Falador wall) 3 near Varrock - East of the stone circle that's south of Varrock. South of where Zamorak altar along the southern wall is. - ProAsF tells me this one's west of Juliet's house. (Thanks! :)) - ProAsF tells me this one's on the north wall. (Thanks again!) And that's my lot.
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