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  1. That's why you should open to that page before the update hits 8-)
  2. Vocals: [Winston McCall - Parkway Drive] Guitar: [Kevin Cameron - I Killed The Prom Queen] Bass: [steve Harris - Iron Maiden] or [Clint Norris - As I Lay Dying] Keyboards: [Janne Warman - Children of Bodom] Drums: [Dennis Morgan - Waking The Cadaver] That would be quite cool.
  3. I listened to 'Animal I Have Become' a couple times. Meh, it gets old fast.
  4. Nice song, have you heard 'Bludgeoned With A Tire Iron' by them?
  5. My 66th song is 'Black Metal' from Cradle of Filth. Rofl. 428th is 'The Number Of The Beast' - Iron Maiden My 666th song is 'Vicarious' by Tool.
  6. Yeah, saw that recently, and wow. Snyder certainly knows what he's doing. The 'bluescreen' effect worked surprisingly well :o The Descent - Had to mention this one. Maybe it was the movie, or maybe it was the 50" plasma and surround sound, which my friend (whom I envy greatly) owns, but this movie scared the 'eff' outta me. SPOILERS [hide]I enjoyed this 'edge-of-your-seater' very much, although something which annoyed me throughout was the movie's predator - the crawler. I mean, sure they were ugly, but they weren't physically strong or really terribly dangerous if you consider what the women were doing to them. They were mentioned at some point as having become 'perfectally adapt' to hunting and living underground with bat-like senses, yet they couldn't find their prey when they were 2 inches staring it in the face, or holding the palms of their hands on it. Another thing, when Juno stabbed Beth in the throat, she manages to survive for a long period of time and actually talk to Sarah when she finds her later in the film. I am not a doctor, but I think there's some serious vocal chords and arteries there.[/hide] However, again I'll say this movie did scare me a few times, or was it the incredibly loud speakers? Who knows, I'll give this film 8/10.
  7. Will you be paying the betters in gold pieces or pure essence then? Rofl.
  8. Rune scimmy definately. It hits much faster than a longsword.
  9. No you can't. You can only pay to become a member for yourself and family members only. Disobeying this would most probably result in a permanant ban and possible prosecution :?
  10. I bought myself full Zamorac and I think that it's well worth the money, seeing as how it makes you seem more rich and powerful :)
  11. If it was 60 seconds after you gave him your armour, then most certainly he won't get punished.
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