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  1. I only have 1x character Level 300, and you had 2x back in 2012 lol... Now I'm really curious on what levels are your characters at 5 years later? ;)
  2. Welcome to Tip.It :). I'm always looking for new friends, so add me as well: Melos
  3. Listened to the new Linkin Park song on the radio today... and did not like it :(.
  4. Cyber Nations - having to stay up till 1:30am each night so I can effectively fight in my alliance's war. As the #1 nation in my alliance by a large margin, I am trying to lead by example and give the other 60 nations in my alliance a morale boost. A lot of players tend to quit when their nations get attacked by other players, which is a real shame. PvP is a pretty vital part of Cyber Nations, and unlike what some people may think, it's not game over if your nation takes damage... I've taken a ton of damage since I've started back in 2006, and I'm still growing and fighting lol.
  5. Melos


    Today I worked for 12 hours... but at least I ordered Pizza Hut so I was eating that for dinner XD. I'm dead tired right now but I could not sleep because my alliance is at war in Cyber Nations. My nation is at war with 6 other nations, and I'm completely destroying them. That tends to happen when you've been playing the game since 2006, and have enough money saved up in a war reserve to last for 6+ months of nonstop war.
  6. Played Halo Wars 2 a bit more yesterday... and we actually LOST in one of the missions. The second time through we won it after using better unit control and knowing ahead of time what would be coming up in the waves that are attacking our LZ. Still not sure what to make of the game as of yet, as I'm still mixed. We figured out to select all units too, which I think it's silly that they changed the controls for, but it's whatever. After more playtime I'll get used to the controls hopefully and we can start playing 2v2's and 3v3's perhaps :). But till then, it's more campaign today!
  7. Melos


    Today I worked for near 11.5 hours... so I'm wiped Zzz...
  8. Halo Wars 2 and RuneScape! I have to say though, maybe my expectations were too high (because I played a ton of Halo Wars 1 - 1200 multiplayer games + winning the campaign under Legendary + getting all achievements) but I'm kind of disappointed so far with HW2. I've only played the campaign two missions coop with a friend under Legendary, but it was extremely easy. The graphics are worse than Halo Wars 1 in my opinion, though the cinematic parts are amazing. The controls in Halo Wars 1 felt perfect for the game, but it feels like the controls are harder to use in HW2 and it's kind of annoying actually. Of course, I may need more play-time in the game so I can adjust possibly, and I hope the multiplayer has more going for it than what I've seen and read for reviews regarding the campaign...
  9. Lots and lots of RuneScape over the weekend lol. I've also been AFK training in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction... Getting my Fire Trapper to Level 98 is going to take forever -.-...
  10. Melos


    Today I woke up at 11am thanks to it being President's Day so I get the day off from work. It also doesn't help that I stayed up to 4:30 am on RuneScape to get the most out of my double experience weekend XD. So much mining T.T...
  11. RuneScape, ArenaScape, OGame, and League of Legends today lol. And yes, ArenaScape is still around... though not a ton of people play, there's maybe 10-20 that log in every now and then.
  12. Melos


    Today I've been grinding uncharted islands all day in RS... and played a game of League of Legends which was fun. Lead my team to victory playing Leona ^^.
  13. Melos


    Today I worked, and didn't do much after I got back home besides Uncharted Isles on RuneScape, OGame, and ArenaScape... I keep getting issues with Firefox so I'm going to be saving all my bookmarks and switching to another browser...
  14. Melos


    They do lol. Today I woke up at 10:30, so I slept in quite a bit XD. And because of that, I haven't done much besides doing my dailies in OGame, and trying to catch up a little on RuneScape. I'll be playing ArenaScape now though :) .
  15. Melos


    Today I went to the mall, and pre-ordered Halo Wars 2 at the Microsoft Store :D.
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