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  1. Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburgers are GODLY. I work at a quiznos, and I'd have to say my favorite sandwich is this mesquite chicken. Marinated (which is really just to heat it up well, more than add a tiny bit of flavor :roll: ) chicken, ranch, tomatoes, a little bit of red onion, lotsa bacon, extra cheese, all toasted on white bread, then lettuce added on... Ohhh. It's tasty.
  2. I think I've actually been injured worse playing soccer than american football :shock: Worst injury I took during football was I think I took a helmet to the shin which swelled up the size of about a baseball. It was kinda sick, but disappeared after I iced it... Playing soccer, I was warming up before a game playing goalie in indoor soccer. So one guy had taken a shot which I blocked and was picking up the ball, and I got nailed in the face by the ball, an absolute rocket of a shot. I figured I could shake it off and do fine. About five minutes into the game, I realized that the little starry things weren't good. Aww man, concussion. So, finished the game, went home, threw up, got some water and painkillers and slept it off.
  3. Jeez, we don't even use imperial for chemistry. Sucks for you :wink: Erm, we use it because we're too lazy to change. It's getting taught in school some, but yeah, it's laziness. Although I'm gonna have to remember to use the metric system as an excuse for dying in FPS's :mrgreen:
  4. Some people can, some people can't. And that can't be changed. Human nature and all. But I think it's at least somewhat grown out of. Eventually. A little bit.
  5. Flame, NOBODY wants to look like that. Besides, you forgot... That also takes 'roids. And those don't make EVERYTHING bigger... Anyways. Yeah, for toning your arms and building some mass. I'd suggest doing a couple of lifts, with about 4 or 5 sets of 12-20 reps each. You should be able to do all your sets and reps, but it should be TOUGH to finish the last set. Keep doing more weight to push yourself to get better. Doing more sets with more reps (say like, 5 sets of 15 each) in comparison to more weight with less reps (say, 3 sets of 8) will build more muscle mass, while doing less reps with more weight will help increase total strength more but add less mass. Here's a few lifts/exercises I'd suggest... Bicep Curl- You already know that. Tricep extension- Standing, hold a weight behind your head and lift to above your head. Your upper arm should stay stationary. Tricep kickback- Stand up, and be at a chair or a bench. For working your right arm, stand on the right side of the bench or chair, put your left knee on the bench or chair, lean forward with your left arm bracing you against the bench/chair. Keep your upper arm about parallel with your torso (basically, against your side) and stationary while you extend your arm out behind you. Deltoid Flys- These work your arms a bit as well as your shoulders, and those are important too. Hold somewhat lighter weights in both hands and stand up straight. Keeping your elbows straight, raise both arms to each side to about shoulder level so that your body looks like a T when seen from the front or back. Don't raise your arms higher than shoulder level, if you can use a mirror while lifting, that could help. Then, raise your arms out straight in front of you to shoulder level. Pushups - These'll help with your chest as well as your arms. Mix up how you do them. Somedays, go for a lot of reps. Other times, do them SLOWLY. Say you can normally do 50 pushups in a row. Go down and up slowly so that getting to 10 hurts. Sometimes, try raising your feet up on a stair or box or something. This puts more of your weight on your arms. Another great way to do pushups is a close-grip pushups. Try doing pushups with your hands together, so that your thumbs and pointer fingers are together making a triangle. This also helps your triceps more. Bench press- You probably know how to do this. It's more for your chest than your arms, but you might want to throw in some anyways if you can. The other thing is MAKE SURE you eat well and hydrate a lot. If you don't drink enough water, your body won't have the water needed to build muscle mass. So drink lots of water. Also make sure you get plenty of calories so that your body has the nutrients and fuel necessary to build muscle. You don't have to cut out all junk food, but don't overdo it. As for protein, get plenty, but you don't have to guzzle protein shakes to get results. I was at a clinic where one of KU's nutritionists was speaking, and he suggested drinking one cup of chocolate milk before and after lifting. Apparently it has a good ratio of carbohydrates and protein needed to help build muscle. Anyways, enjoy, hope this helps you.
  6. I saw this thread and got all excited for a discussion about the Red Hot Chili Peppers... and then you let me down. They've been about the only thing I've been listening to in the last month.
  7. Omnislash42


    they dont care about gpa this has been stated already, they care about class rank. No, I'm pretty sure they factor in both. I know I've seen college admission factors from several different schools that list a different percentage for both class rank and GPA. What was stated is that they don't care that much about weighted gpa.
  8. My parents attempt to dictate what I'm going to do, to an extent. Although they don't have a career picked out for me, they do have a college picked out for me. Its this lame, super-conservative, super-catholic college with no class choices, no music program, no sports, and a bunch of stiffs. Spend 4 years of my life stuck in only four classes: math, philosophy, theology and reading the writings of old dead guys? Ehhh... No thanks. Luckily, the state wants to pay for my college. Having done well in the past in school and tests comes in handy when put in BS situations. Anyways, I'm thinking i might do business, architecture, real estate or something. I'd like to do something with music, but I like money. and I'm not good enough to do anything except teach. Which wouldnt be too bad, but again, money.
  9. Omnislash42


    I dunno, wouldn't make too much difference for most people as for west/ east coast. It seems like most people stick to their regions, unless you're going Ivy league or something. In which case, a good dosage of luck is more necessary than anything.
  10. Since velocity is relative, I guess my speed is undefined :wink: Intense.
  11. Nope, you're dividing by 0. (1+j) z = 3+ j Z + jz = 3 + j Z- 3 = j - jz 1 = (j - jz) / (z-3) Therefore if Z = 3, it's undefined. Which is why you're getting 3=1. 1 = [(z-1 ) j ] / (3- z) As (z- 1) * j must equal a real number, since Z is a real number and the value is 1, there's no solution as j is imaginary. Pwned.
  12. Middle school, at least where I live, is overrated, a pain in the butt, and overall pointless. Except it gives you two years to mature, figure out a few things about yourself, delve into some of your interests, get to know people, get a little emo, deal with the drama... A necessary evil. I didn't cry when middle school was over... Although ironically, my last day was spent at a funeral. But that's the day my life changed for the worse... As a kid, the death of a grandparent I never knew too terribly well didn't affect me, but it sure affected my mom. Now she's a control freak, judgemental, and basically a pain. That's a side story. On that note, I can't wait to get outta high school and get away. But I'm gonna miss a lot of my friends... Even if we go to the same college.
  13. Omnislash42


    BMW, what I'm saying is it would expose the difference between the gifted who don't try much, the not-quite-so-gifted who try hard, and the gifted who actually try and pull the 99% in everything thing. For me, I know an A is an A whether it's a 89.6 or a 105%, so I'll go with the minimal effort required to get a 4.0, in most cases.
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