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  1. Really great first post by the new CEO. I'm happy with all that he mentioned. Yes I'll miss the BTS but I can understand why they can lead to more problems for the team! I just like to have an idea what is coming up! As the new CEO has been working for Jagex he has probably been thinking about these changes for a while. I'm sure we all at work/school/etc think we can do things better than those in charge, this guy now has a chance to prove it :lol:
  2. I like the idea of cape with year of creation on it ^^ I'm not sure I agree that RSC players should have access to something that other people can't have (I am an early RSC player). What I do like is the reminder of how this game started. I think it would be awesome to have a 'flashback' to RSC in some kind of quest so that other people can see what it was like and also a nice chance to see it again for the RSC players. I don't think we should ever forget how this game started and how it wasn't bankrolled by a major investor. It's important to remember your roots!
  3. I have to say I love Shakespeare. My favourite is Othello and I am surprised that no one has mentioned it. Othello is a fantastic play and Iago is an extremely clever character. For me this was Shakespeare at his best. Iago is the most manipulative character I have ever come across in plays. I think this is one of those plays that really benefits from Shakespeare's indirect way of saying things, unlike R&J which left me screaming SAY WHAT YOU MEAN! Iago just drops hints to Othello about his wife's infidility and as the reader you just sit back and watch it all unfold. Emphasises some basic human qualities we all can relate to, jealousy and the need for revenge!
  4. I have to agree a bit with the author. The second group of people, the 'arrow collector helpers' are one of the most infuriating people I have come across. Do you know how many of these people I have met who fail to mention they are collecting them to 'help me' until I casually ask them if I can have my arrows back. I don't have a massive problem with people picking them up before I do because I am lazy and cannot be bothered to waste the time going to pick up 2 arrows at a time. However those that are questioned and then tell me they were picking them up for me are fooling nobody. At what point were they going to mention it to me, when I next log in? xD I much prefer the obvious 'arrow stealers' who happily take them than those who really want to take them but lose courage when I speak to them!
  5. I think your opinion of customer support definately changes when you actually try to use it. I had quite a serious enquiry to make recently and spent several minutes trying to determine how to send in my question. Every option I followed took me back to the knowledge base. As helpful as that is for some things in this case I actually required someone to take physical action on the acount. Eventually I could tenuously link it to a billing problem and then I was able to submit my own query. Because I had a genuine problem the receiver of my query actioned it and a reply was made straight away. It did not consist of an automated response as the problem I had was quite complex. I was happy someone had taken the time to investigate and come to the correct conclusions and all over a period of less than 24 hours. Jagex staff did have the option of returning my query as it was definately not sent to the right team however they chose the better customer service option of acknowledging and responding to it. My point is this. If you have a genuine problem/service request Jagex will look at it regardless of the method you send it in. Unfortunately due to gross abuse of the customer service system Jagex does not accept any 'general' enquiry options. This is extremely frustrating and is not uncommon with those automated phone systems where you run out of numbers to press and find you are disconnected without ever speaking to someone. I don't think it is acceptable to excuse Jagex by saying we don't pay enough to justfy decent support (well, maybe in f2p cases!!) as they set the pricing structure. If I am to spend a significant portion of my free time developing a character I want to know that said character will receive help with serious matters when required. Jagex customer support is good, you just have to find it.
  6. Ha ha Das you eventually sold your soul then! I hope you got a good price and didn't go cheaply!! <3
  7. well I voted Never but really the option of 'extremely rarely' is more appropriate (seeing as posting this reply pretty much invalidates my claim of never!) I used to visit tip it forums a mind boggling amount of time however it changed so much over the years (as have I) that it is pretty much unrecognisable and certainly not somewhere I want to spend much time. After taking a massive break from RS, coming here and talking about RS was also pretty pointless. However despite my lack of love for the forums the actual Tip It main page is without doubt one of the best places to find information out about RS. So big thumbs up to those who put a lot of hard work into producing it.
  8. ya definately got that right Meili! My bf was friends with you (Kristoffs) and he Pked like mad and I would always go to join him. Trouble was by then he was in a big gang of people just chatting, no one actually able to kill anyone without causing massive drama. That meant when I walked up to say hello to him I was instantly ganged before he had a chance to type she's with me :oops: Though to be honest I think he let them kill me deliberately for fun. 0ddball got an awful lot of cabbage from me!
  9. Wolfe also doesn't think Delco pulls his weight so that causes a lot of tension.
  10. They have been working on a completely different game for quite a while now. I think its on a space theme. Can't really remember now as I spoke to them about it before Summer. RS2 is safe though. They make so much money from it and have a lot more goals than they mention on their site with regard to subscribers.
  11. Yeah the fact that runescape has so many areas to work on is an attraction to playing the game but it's also the reason why everyone ends up playing it all day. For most games, when you get bored you log off, but for runescape you just change to a different skill, or do a quest etc. On topic, a game I did enjoy is A3. They have recently brought out an english version based in India (lol). I never had much time to progress passed level 15 but it was quite promising once I got used to the different controls. I will definately be keeping an eye open in the hope a european version is developed.
  12. I left RS to play Priston Tale and I'll never come back :D PT is a level grind like RS but you don't have to no life to play it because you only work on one area. When you level you gain points which you can distribute to allow for slightly different builds between chars. It has an implemented clan system and a good party system. However it has few quests ( a bonus in my opinion) and does not get updated regularly. The customer support is interesting to say the least. However it is a good game if you don't want to get super addicted and appreciate real life > than all. It's free until level 40 so that's a plus.
  13. well Kristoffs isn't playing really at the moment but we'd love to hear how our old friends are doing. I see swiftkiller pop on msn every 4 months or so! Other than that pretty much lost touch with everyone. Though I'm sure if I went through my msn list I'd find I still have a lot of them on my list lol Beachy still plays? Ha ha I remember when kris used to leave me with him to help protect me while he went pking with polo!
  14. Yep certainly does depend. But my point was if I find a group that is capable of producing an album of all good songs then with my discount it's cheaper for me to buy in my work place (omg you know you love hmv really!!) than use itunes :) There's a lot of good old songs out there that are the onyl shining light on an album, for example I love the song 'fast car' by Tracy Chapman. However I think the rest of the album sucks! I'd rather pay 79p for that one song than ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã4 for the album!
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