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  1. Your stars lack depth. Try dimming a few.
  2. yellow party hat. No, I wouldn't sell it.
  3. anything can be art. Art isn't just a pretty picture. Dancing is an art. Acting is an art. A can of baked beans can be art. Why cant a screenshot be art?
  4. Prices are going to rise, no doubt. I'd like to see something like: 60 mining f2pers can mine pure essence.
  5. Too many hypocrites in this world.
  6. Even if it is proven a higher kill count DOES increase chances at barrows items, you'll need to sit down and think: "would I get more barrows items by doing less runs, but spending more time getting a higher KC, or would it be better to just do more runs in a shorter time frame?" Regardless, I'll probably get at least 10 KC, for the runes.
  7. tonight the squirrel sleeps with da fishies
  8. Version 3. The only difference from Version 2 (not shown) being the transparent white layer on the bg ;) In case anyone is wodnering, 99% of the work has been done on Graphics Gale, which allowed for layers and transparency effects. Other changes between version 3 and 1 include a new sword, with the arm grasping it differently. slight shading on the water wings changed on the dragon grass under tree changed species, and given shading mountains added to the right side a less flat ground added to the left other minor touch-ups
  9. Loser, obviously a mod is a little stringent in enforcing the rules :) I didn't see the problem with an 88 x 31 x 1kb image, but looks like I was wrong somehow. Anyway, I'm off for the weekend.. I'll make some modifications when I'm back...
  10. The original image was about 250 pixels, including the entire torso, It'll be a bit ahrd to make the sword more prominent but i'll see what I can do. Aye, I did a lazy job on the wing veins msotly because I didn't know what to do, still a little clueless. The lake is meant to be placid, I probably shouldve added a gradient before posting it, so it didn't look so plain... I prefer to keep to blues and greens, with highlights of yellow. Adding more could wreck the feel of the scene.
  11. Somehow during a month of membership I managed to gain another 100 skill total levels, so I decided to make myself a signature, as I have since 1000 skill total, it took a couple hours to make.. I didn't really count. Idea came from that I have no strong liking for either saradomin or zamorak, but guthix's preachings vaguely follow my philosophies, So I decided to do my RS self in guthix armour, with a cloack wrapped around to signify his travelling days. I had a bit of difficulty chosing the background, originally going for a wilderness scene. I decided something more serene was a more viable option, and changed the lava to a lake, and the raging red dragon to a peaceful blue. I had no dofficulty in selecting to actually have a dragon in there though, I wubs dragons ;) Anyway, I could probably make it better? A little bit of constructive criticism if you will?
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