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  1. it also adds like 16 seconds to mining the rocks in the abyss... :wall:
  2. That may be the most condescending post that I've ever seen on these forums. Are you even capable of thinking from another person's point of view? From what I've gathered, this person is pretty amused that he died to this lvl 3, and he doesn't seem mad at all; and yet, you basically crucify him for losing what amounts to about 400k worth of materials. This may be a ton for you, but please...don't lecture him on what he should and shouldn't do.
  3. i dont think this will work like different channels, because somebody on your list may have a list almost identical to your's, but not exact. it could cause a lot of confusion when you send a message to someone who replies, but not everybody on YOUR list will receive the message that HE sent. my explanation is confusing, but it should make sense
  4. neeto burrito, i just turned 15, but i havent taken the driving test thingummy yet. when i do im gonna get a honda civic thats older than me :cry: , but ill be getting a better car after i learn to drive properly 8)
  5. hehehehehe. im getting off the forums, thats the last stick!
  6. x2, i got a 120 on the test, but my IQ, according to the what my parents say :roll: is 148, just goes to show how little you can trust unline thingummies
  7. u good person you just basically told us u scammed someone edit: [sorry mod :oops: i was just a little angry there :wink: ] Technically its only scamming if the person takes something away but he did :? :evil: i think he means that he sold the dds for quite a lot of essence, worth much more than the dagger :wink:
  8. id try and bring out the detail of the body. as a neutral opinion, i have no clue as to what to think of him! i like the background, and the overall color scheme looks nice
  9. The other person I showed, privately, said it was kinda kinky. O_o umm...i think you are thinking correctly there :oops: art looks pretty good, but then again its small and im bad at distinguishing detail in small things 8)
  10. +1, agility+quest xp=free f2p xp
  11. i was in sculpture when they were talking about this. kinda cool that this happened and i didnt even realize it. if only cool nifty things would happen like this more often 8)
  12. even though i find this pretty racist, i will keep my opinions to myself, since i happen to have origins in china to start, you all dont realize how little people in 3rd world countries make. when i visited china, i saw people all over the place working for roughly 10 yuan per hour WHO HAD VERY GOOD JOBS. this translates to $1.25 an hour in america. my parent's friends make $5,000 yuan a month in china, and they are living very well off. that translates to $825 a month. in america, the lower class can make more than that a month, with a mediocre job. in china, mediocre jobs involve making less than 1 yuan an hour. that translates to .125 CENTS an hour. considering that americans are willing to pay more than 3rd world countries, i am not surprised that there are companies that do this. they make a much better living than they could without selling directly to well established countries, and no matter how wrong this is, it is necessary to live a good life. we take for granted how much money we make, and we never think about how little others make.
  13. neeto burrito, quite an achievement! when i played, i was so scared of even trying, with literally the best stuff money could buy...guthans, fury, pots, range stuff, etc! best of wishes on future goals, the sky is the limit!
  14. Your post is spam, i hope you know that :) shh don't tell anyone plz :oops: oh em gees j00 ar3 t3h spam 8) pmg 3vry b00dy l00vs sp3m. on topic:this thread is completely pointless. next time you try and make something funny up, make it intellectual, and not some stupid play on words. this thread has absolutely no meaning. nobody needs to learn how to change attack styles on a hatchet.
  15. the CIA lethally injects you to death due to your incredibly bad set of DNA that must not be allowed to spread :?
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