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  1. Nicely written, Meili. The thing i miss most is the community though, it was fantastic. I wish i could read all those old PKing threads again, are they still available somewhere? "Zorro toy 3 hitted" - Internet outta be filled with those.. :)
  2. Woah, how did I end up here? :-) This brings back memories! Well written, adx1!
  3. Well, do you wanna? Cam? :thumbsup: What server do you play on anyway?
  4. I'm never fooled by them, i just ask you or my other friends on MSN for confirmation lol. Lol, i downloaded the client but it won't load and i grew quickly bored! I may be around shortly though lol :) Adx has now solved this problem and his new char is named Zorro Toy and he needs a butt load of stuff. :pray:
  5. Only you Zorro, only you... #-o :oops:
  6. King Obi He was always standing there at gobs with his wizard hat.. I just had to attack him. I couldn't resist. It always took me like 15 food to kill him even though he only had plate, 2h legs and a wizard hat. And some food of course. Everytime I had to run back to the bank to reload. I even think he killed me once when he was afk. :lol:
  7. Wow this thread is so much fun. Just like old times. happends when rs was u life, since u still watch this forum while u said u quited rs ages ago lmao. U like 60 year now? and yet trying to piss me off with your stupid english sarcasm humour? big joke u are, and btw, call u doggie zoro back to u since u need a wash. Ouch. =D>
  8. I think it's a great update and it will only get better. People must understand its a BETA, it's not completly finished. I can get a fullscreen screenshot if anyone wants it.
  9. God bless Kristen Bell
  10. Yeah MI was better in wilderness and RSD was better outside. I just read some old blogs of yours. Good read! :D
  11. Nice to hear from you again! Glad your doing okay! She's cute :D
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