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  1. Nicely written, Meili. The thing i miss most is the community though, it was fantastic. I wish i could read all those old PKing threads again, are they still available somewhere? "Zorro toy 3 hitted" - Internet outta be filled with those.. :)
  2. Woah, how did I end up here? :-) This brings back memories! Well written, adx1!
  3. Well, do you wanna? Cam? :thumbsup: What server do you play on anyway?
  4. I'm never fooled by them, i just ask you or my other friends on MSN for confirmation lol. Lol, i downloaded the client but it won't load and i grew quickly bored! I may be around shortly though lol :) Adx has now solved this problem and his new char is named Zorro Toy and he needs a butt load of stuff. :pray:
  5. Only you Zorro, only you... #-o :oops:
  6. King Obi He was always standing there at gobs with his wizard hat.. I just had to attack him. I couldn't resist. It always took me like 15 food to kill him even though he only had plate, 2h legs and a wizard hat. And some food of course. Everytime I had to run back to the bank to reload. I even think he killed me once when he was afk. :lol:
  7. Wow this thread is so much fun. Just like old times. happends when rs was u life, since u still watch this forum while u said u quited rs ages ago lmao. U like 60 year now? and yet trying to piss me off with your stupid english sarcasm humour? big joke u are, and btw, call u doggie zoro back to u since u need a wash. Ouch. =D>
  8. I think it's a great update and it will only get better. People must understand its a BETA, it's not completly finished. I can get a fullscreen screenshot if anyone wants it.
  9. God bless Kristen Bell
  10. Yeah MI was better in wilderness and RSD was better outside. I just read some old blogs of yours. Good read! :D
  11. Nice to hear from you again! Glad your doing okay! She's cute :D
  12. Congratulations, you know nothing about pking :lol: Zorro died more then almost any other high lvl pker.. How many pics of rob dead are there? very few. You keep talking like your select group of friends were the only people on rs that could catch but thats total bs. No matter how [bleep] deluded you are there was plenty of other people who could pk. What's your RSN anyway? Oh and Adx, eight-freaking-nill for pool
  13. Doesn't Greater demons drop em?
  14. Not so good, I only have 24/3mbit here. I should go to my parents house and try, they got 100/100 I call BS. Happy now? Edit: Heres the link if you dont believe me: http://www.speedtest.net/global.php?nonisps=1 Look at the fourth one down. And I'm not surprised either. A genious here at UCSB invented a new type of solar cell that is about 20x more efficient cost wise, and can be as cheap to produce as newspapers. That is so false lol For the record, A 75year old lady Sigbritt L̮̦̉̉thberg has the fastest internet connection in the world. ( 40 Gigabits per second )
  15. Not so good, I only have 24/3mbit here. I should go to my parents house and try, they got 100/100
  16. Zorro


    how often do they add new pages? Neeeeeed to read!
  17. Really who cares? BIG DEAL! It's 2007.
  18. i got 13 points so far =] Woah nice! Is it to late to register? I played NHL fantasy last season. didn't know there was a PL fantasy. Thanks!
  19. I cheer for Liverpool. Really hoping on Torres. But I got a feeling that he won't do so good this season 7-8 goals maybe. Hopefully he will prove me wrong soon, maybe even versus Aston Villa today
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