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  1. im going to the movies tonight with this girl any advice or do's and don'ts?
  2. i was gonna post a bracket too but urs is exactly what i would have put so there u have it the Patriots will win it all!
  3. thats awesome i wanted Michigan too win real bad the game was awesome!
  4. i definetly wanted Huckabee to win republican in Iowa but im pretty sure Romney will win in NH because he is the governor their but i guess we'll have to see, as for Obama winning for the democrats in Iowa i really dont care because cause there are far more Americans who will vote for a white guy over a partial black guy(im not being racious) and therefore if it is Huckabee and Obama who fight it out Huckabee will win.
  5. a whole pizza from pizza hut, dominos, papa johns or pretty much anywhere
  6. i turned on my computer and it says i have low virtual memory, what exactly does that mean and how can i fix it? thanks for all your help
  7. im a decent fighter and i usually dont pick fights so i should be alright :wink:
  8. i downloaded the trial version and then tried to convert the files and this popped up and i says "cant decode this file" any ideas? :?
  9. I am Legend- great film well worth watching if ur into action and a little horror
  10. buy a bunch of items and immedietly return them, then do it again and again until they kick u out of the store :)
  11. land a 720 degree spin on aggressive inline skates talk to more girls without being shy or have awkward moments :)
  12. clothes...i already have way too many shirts and pants and all types of clothes they are the last thing i needed
  13. dsk803


    Aggressive Inline Skaters- wear baggy pants & big shirts listen to punk music fruitbooters
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