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  1. yes, it was, you can find it in the bestiary, level 162 i think http://url178.imageshack.us/url178/4296/demonchampion2aa9.gif ! :3> absolutely positively horrible, BLEH!
  2. I didnt understand your question either, what you mean by available in august? Are you asking if the updates will disspear the next month or what?? I really have to say that the way you wrote that question was horrible and can easily be VERY easily misunderstood.... And guydabest, why you post that query answer, i dont see anything wrong with it. the jagex people only have limited time and recouirces, they cant be looking at updates all over the place...
  3. All righty ill give my answers for this 1) Best Moment Really, just the whole cup, and elimination rounds. 2) Worst Moment Hmm, probably the two goals in Germany-Italy Semifinal. Two goals in the last minute? That's just a disgrace. Besides that the 3 yellows the referee gave to the croation player. And no, the game Portugal-Holland was not horrible. It was a game that will be remembered, even though not in a good way. 3) MVP Yeah, Zizou. 4) Worst Team Togo. 5) Best Team France, Germany, Italy, can't decide here. 6) Predictions? 2010? If Klinsmann stays, then Germany.
  4. Germany - Portugal 2:1, on extra time. France - Italy 1:0 normal time, or 3:2 extra time, or Italians loose on penalties as usual.
  5. hmmsk

    Advice Needed.

    In countries of the EU, you have a 2 year warranty on practically everything. IF you have the check, and they didn't give you one, you could contact someone who has these things on his hands (a governmantal worker). Just for not giving you a warranty on this thing they could get into serious trouble and you should get your money back. And if you have the warranty, use it.
  6. To be honest, i really don't consider anything of what you said to be abnormal. I have 3rd person memories. I do have a bunch of lines of thought at once, and often mixed in slovak, english, and german. And i do remember haveing a dream not too long ago, where when i tried to remember what was being talked about i had no idea what the hell was being said. So no, you are definately not abnormal. Most of the things you said, are, i think, things that quite a few people experience, mabye not just all at once. And you're probably more capable of doing certain things, then your "normal" person would be.
  7. That place is nice, I got a wrong impression of it from the movie Eurotrip. There they put it as some sort of abandoned-sovietic-gray place. Yeah, that movie didn't really give a nice impression of the place. And what's even worse, is that the footage in the movie is not even filmed in Slovakia, meh.
  8. nope TPUM is an alchoholic.
  9. mid if I edit it to be less biased and more realistic. a pope is on his morning jog and sees a kid with a box of puppies. He asks: "what kind of puppies are they?" "" "thata boy" the pope says two weeks later the pope comes by again and asks: "how are the puppies doing?" "they turned athiest" says the kid. "what happened? werent they ?" the kid says "well theyve opened their eyes." To be honest, I don't think your edit made the post any less biased, OR realistic. You just have your bias and point of view so mabye it does.
  10. Because it had a huge database of websites, which if they mention your word once are a possible link you'll go to. Why is this smiley's drool colorful? =P~
  11. I noticed those islands on the map in the KB, mabye its a future update to the are, and then you'll gain access :-k .
  12. Bunch of people don't get it, but I sure do :lol: .
  13. Bratislava, Slovakia This a viem from the castle across the river, onto Petrzalka. Here's the castle itself, and the rest or the city. And here's an aerial view of the above. St.Martin's Cathedral.
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