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  1. Im not sure of the exact date nor the exact username i think it was errrrrrrrrrrrr or something stupid like that. But i do remember playing where you could choose to attack anywhere and rune was not out I want to say varrock was a safe spot. It was off and on til my char klopipij before rune as well i think but i do remember rune 2hs being 2 mil on him when they came out and this char also has a scythe as well. And now i currently play on crime pays whos been on since classic days as well. And i was never anyone of importance. Also remember null, bluerose13x, which class you picked when you start ie (miner, warrior, and etc), i wanna say other famous players like killjoy i think and ninjapanda, and that clan the jaguars where your name had to be jaguars to be in lol, and i got more useless things bout them days. Also im still no one important on rs lol and im always on and off cant seem to break the addiction.oh and my friends from that time still play to qqazwsxedc and theinferno
  2. \ \I did this with all magicshortbow and arrows.No cannon No red chins. Pls rate \ \
  3. the day i got 94 range on fercho7 which just happened lol time to go for 99 then ill be even happier.Also that time i pked a red halloween mask i still have it
  4. This may help you btw im almost 94 range 70-80 firegiants close to 33k xp an hour and the drops will more than cover for arrows 80-99 caged greater demons great for money and xp clues are excellent source of income never used knifes they hit to low but they are fast same with drats. I stick to the good ol fashoined Magic bow and arrows 70-80 arrows I used steel mostly in this range lvls But depending on your money you might wanna go with addy. 80-99 arrows to use-I use bronze but you could use iron but anything higher would be a waste if you were goin to kill caged greaters. Goodluck and you will become very very bored in ranging.But you get to search the forums alot.If you have any problems or need some more help add me rsn:fercho7
  5. I dont lure just because I hardly pk any more. But what I learned from pking all it is is stratedgy and if you must trick people to get their pixels go for it. Dont believe in this thing they say is honor its a game not 17th century England.
  6. the finger thats the only thing i got
  7. i have a 107 main so when someone mouths i ask them to fight me they say ok so i go get fercho7 then they shutup so ya i believe them unless if they say they have a 126
  8. tinderbox a hammer its kinda of a toss up between them two I dont hang around the general store much
  9. Even though I said I would never say my age on web site but oh well I'm 18. Four more months till I go to the US Marines so I quess ill have to quit then lol. Im sure ill come back though they always do
  10. i never said they didnt im just saying i dont till i met my str goal then ill train magic
  11. right now im just trying to get one goal at a time and my first goal is 85 str so i dont train mage or much else but saying that no one else wants to walk the distance i will
  12. I was wondering being pure just now walking from south fally to chompy birds on a clue. And realizing how boring it was i was wondering how long would it take to walk from east all the way to west and north all the way to south. Any one know?I know this sounds stupid but i quess in some ways its important to no mage pures
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