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  1. you need 37 prayer ( at least ) to do paralize monster so it doesn't hit you... other then that i would suggest the upwards of 80 attack with Super Attack potions. otherwise you just won't hit enough. If you have friends with highish range ( like 70 or so ) get them to come with :)
  2. No shame in that really. the money is alot slower ( since i suppose you sell your smithed stuff to the general store ) but you'll get smithing, wich is nice cause you'll be able to sell your own iron / steel sets to the lower level players soon ;) and if you're dedicated even mith! :) it's how i first started rsc back in the day lol. a good tip is also: flyfishing! low level pkers use trout and salmon as food and they buy for like 200/250 each :) i used to make some money doing that! or else lobsters :)
  3. I love how the people that say the other will lie, are liers themselves ;) anyhow, I joined somewhere early 2001, though I've never been much of a dedicated player :P
  4. whats with the misuse of the word hacking? hacking implies that the person 'stealing' the account wrote a program/software to crack your password. or used a bruteforce pw cracker... either way, doing that on an rs account is a complete was of time and effort. its been said before: -either you downloaded a keylogger - you entered your login + pw on another site thinking its rs - you gave your pw to your friend who decided to screw you over. no hacking involved whatsoever!
  5. I am in possesion of both the bunny ears and the scyte. though I don't run around with them due to the previously stated remarks, being players who don't know what they are/where they came from asking to buy them... :)
  6. on every website i go where i have to register and 'Stoffel' is taken ( wich is my rl name ) i just use 'Miirshak'.( i used to have miirshak on here, but the account got lost so i was forced to make this :cry: ) ingame my names are ThaBull, Miirshak and ThaNoob, and some variations of Miirshak :P Apart from my main ThaBull, they are all low level pkers wich i used in RSC...
  7. in short, you complete tasks. the more tasks you complete 'on a row' ( that means without dismissing one in burthope ) the more points you get. Every 10th task completed and every 50th task completed there is a bonus. wich is obviously very well worth it and why i now use the Desert Slayer Master instead of Shilo One. to make sure i don't have to cancell a task. OT: nice going. i'm working on slayer and summon myself :) Question though, how did you get 70 prayer. did you buy the bones ? or just do alot of green drags ? :P
  8. thats insane lol :P i don't post on rate this board very often. but NICE WORK! i can't even get 70 pray in p2p... I'm lazy :P
  9. I always told everyone to come join me in playing runescape :P Some would try it out, others would say how bad it looked ( this was at the time fo Classic ) once a dude in my class even had 'a date' with a girl character where they took their armour off and stood on the same square! i laughed my [wagon] of when he told me in class :lol: i guess i'm the only one still playing, most likely because all the rest grew out of it, i'm 23 :twisted:
  10. even so.. as a programmer should you not know what programs MIGHT contain BAD-PW-GRABBING-Software? :P aww well. good luck on the recovery! i'd help you out, but i can only give you like 30k :P
  11. i don't mean to be rude... but how can you work in computer business, programming and all that and get PW-scammed ? i've never been scammed / hacked / pw stolen / whatever... though my PWs have always been 10+ chars and nothing anyone could guess.
  12. my account exsists about 7 years and 6 months :P though i've had my fair share of breaks :) so 5+ years :D
  13. if it attracts a diffrent crowd of people, they won't.... besides there is a diffrence between "upgrading" something to a newer version, then slowely letting go of the other AND setting up a whole new diffrent game...
  14. don't get 40 def and don't get 25 prayer ;) get 40 att, 1 def and 80 str no prayer then get 70 something range and go own free to play wildy
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