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  1. That would encourage free players to remain free, and try to be at the top of those hiscores. A loss of potential customers is not something that Jagex wants. =|
  2. But they'll most likely drop all your items, just so that you don't get them back.
  3. You walked into free to play Lumbridge, which is where most new players are. You're not finding greedy players, you're finding new players who think you're just trying to be kind to a beginner.
  4. Fletching - I can see a possibility, with restrictions set so that you can't make any members objects, or rune arrows. Construction - I can also see a possibility of this being F2P, with only the ability to make lower level furniture, thus enticing free players to go members for the useful things such as portals. Thieving/Agility - I put two of these skills together because they both have the same reasoning for me. I think the chance of these becoming F2P is very small, because even if F2P is given just the bare bones, there's not much to make them want to become members. Upgrading Current Free Skills - I believe the chance of this happening is small also, because the point of adding something to F2P is not to give the free players some new high level content or entertaining thing to do, but to entice the newer players into wanting to become members. Ultimately the question is, what will entice them more, giving them a taste of a skill and having them think, "If I become a member, I'll be able to train this skill easier/get more rewards from it!" Or by not adding anything to F2P and hoping that they make a leap of faith for skills and content which they have never tried and know very little to nothing about. Older players know that Fletching is profitable at higher levels because they have either become members and tried it, learning about what happens after level 70 or have spent their RS careers as non-members hearing about it. New players however don't have any time under their belt to have heard about it, so that only leaves them with the option of trying it, which as a free player isn't possible. So what's better? Spending a while not paying because you don't know yet that is fun and profitable, or getting a taste of it right away, and becoming a member because you know that the good parts of the skill are only available there. Jagex doesn't base their decisions on which populous deserves it more, they base it on what decision will bring in more revenue.
  5. I don't think there was anything wrong in what you did. If you think someone may be breaking the rules then you have the right to not trade with them or to check their skills. I can understand him being a little insulted, maybe even scared that you would report him for drop trading, but I think he went a little bit overboard. In the end, your intentions were noble, and there was noting wrong with what you did.
  6. Well said, but as more and more people turn to MechScape (not saying this WILL happen though) the less development Runescape would have. :D Why would they "turn" from Runescape? It's no different than when another MMO comes out. Yes, Runescape players would give it a try, seeing as it's JAGeX, but it's not going to cause 3/4 of players to switch games. Those who play Runescape because they enjoy it will remain.
  7. Thats a great idea. But But it's going to be a building. (Doesn't mean we still can't have icons like yours etc.) Maybe the building is just going to be the place you go to view items for sale?
  8. My guess is that there will be a right click option for items in your bank which you can use to put the item on the market. You are prompted to enter a sale price, and the item is now on the market. The item will remain in your bank with a little tag on it symbolizing that it is on the market. Just speculation, of course.
  9. Strange they don't have Mechtips. =p
  10. How would blocking out the numbers deter a hacker? By doing so you're implying that you have quite a bit of wealth.
  11. Sounds like a wonderful time, I'll be sure to make it. =)
  12. jaym112


    Rest In Peace Steve, you were a wonderful person, and I'm glad to have had the privilege of getting to know you. :cry:
  13. Ok, I'll be serious, about 95% of the people posting in the guide say it's AoW worthy(not just the OoC's posts there) so it can't be that bad of a guide.
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