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  1. Ive had something similiar, i was at dbeasts non multi in kuras once with a yak and it randomly disappeared and sometime later like a week i summoned a new one and it had all my items in it i was like wtf? lol
  2. Its a pure most likely...and his chat log has dialog for grand tree quests and gnomes which is p2p only.
  3. Thats not a bot, you dont need to click the stat to see how many levels you just got if you got all the exp at once, I just started raising rc from lvl34 and im now 44, the last time i use penguin points on it it told me i went up 4 runecrafting levels in the chat box. also judging by his chat box he just did this Grand Tree, The Reward: 18,400 Attack exp 7,900 Agility exp 2,150 Magic xp Access the secret Grand Tree mine Use the Gnome Gliders Access to Grand Tree Spirit teleports
  4. You dipped on me last night AND didnt invite me to the party :(
  5. you're still a nub lugia lol, long time no see. -winner40
  6. Plus the fact that it's very common now. I see 50 times as much slayer capes than untrimmed hp ones. mmkay? i was 522 to 99 slayer, i doubt u rarely saw 99 slayers when i got mine, but w/e. 5/10 and if you burst 91-99 mage wouldnt you get 99 mage and your cape get trimmed? just thought id point that out, so how would u get 137 cmb untrimmed with 2 99s? oh and ive gotten 99 hp almost 3 times over, and 99 attack about 6 times over
  7. mmm....you should have paid attention to the prices of pots recently, if you would have bought kwaurms+limps a few days ago(about 3 to not lose any money) but it have been better before 3 so you profit, you could have gone to 80 without any loss :) i dd it to 70 without loss but got bored and am about to sell the kwaurms i bought for 80 lol
  8. sad, that means 1500 people have gotten it since i quit :o thats alot :[], drum is nub btw ,
  9. when dbow first came out, the max dark beast task was like 17
  10. i fail to see the point of getting 99 slayer, and then only having 70k exp till 99 hp, it just....doesnt make any sense... and seems incredibly pointless, that means no mores gwd,dks, or any monster hunting at all for any longer than like an hour :S 92 slayer is half of 99 and 5/10 is half of 10/10, i dont really see why people think an untrimmed cape is so hard to get, anybody who has any clue about combat and slayer could do it, just by making a new account and training everything equally and using cannon as much as physically possible,and sometimes skipping a few tasks, and getting cannonable ones, but i dont really think ud have to change at all really, i get so many hellhound tasks its not even funny good luck on 99
  11. 1/10 for lying to me, the day before u were 150k away and u said u only do 1-2 tasks a day max now, and my connection goes out for 1 day and i come back the next day and you already have it? thats mean, mc, and to think i gave u babys, im taking full custody! no more lil MC's for [email protected][email protected]$ *crys* oh and u have like way better stats and like 500 more total then me and im only 30m exp under you :) 10/10 :) ILUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU your in there somewhere mc, 11 months ago tbh :) old rs ftw
  12. its not very nice to take my rank in gof for #1 slayer....i dont really play much at all, so i might have to kick you from clan so i remain #1, i am afterall a half op :), jk, or am i :)
  13. Slayer capes only have red shoulder blades when their trimmed, sorry but thats an untrimmed one, so its not a chain, but a plate.
  14. actually..they can...and didd... and i helped...we bought out brews,nests,and bgs...and i made 7m off of 12k nests in like 4 days..and like 6m off 1 bgs...so actually we can...
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