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  1. Hello, I hope you can help me on this. As you can see from the image below I have 2 graphs, now what I need to do and need you help on is, I need to somehow get the line of best fit from the right graph onto the left. My teacher said that if I simply add the equation for the line from the right and add it in to the data for the left graph it should appear although I have been unable to replicate this. I have been unable to do so but I have had a look on the internet, tried to do what she said, copy the line over, add the equation into another trend line but I still cannot find out a way of doing this. Its just frustrating and thought you lot might be able to help and so I wont have to wait and ask again tomorrow. Thanks.
  2. Getting more and more temteded to get this game. Any news on a trial though?
  3. Paranoid: High Schizoid: High Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: Low Borderline: Very High Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Very High Dependent: Very High Obsessive-Compulsive: High Some how I think thats bad, alot of the questions really needed a middle answer though and some of the questions related to things ive done of have not been in yet so I guessed kinda.
  4. Oooo a thread I know something about =p JPop: Morning Musume A huge Jpop band that your either love or hate, very commercial but some of there music is quite good. My favourite song is "Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan" so I would recommend that first. Although the main problem is that it is such a huge band and will take some time just to understand how the band works and some music you enjoy. Puffy Ami Yumi You may have already heard some of there music cause they have done tours around the US and do have a few tv themes and there own shows, getting abit old now so maybe check out HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi ablum first. Then try some of there other ablums after. (If you like check out Hello! Project) Zone One of my favourite bands. Ever since seeing this on YouTube, definatly one of there best songs and I would also definatly recommend "Good Days" a very good song. Sadly they broke up and the video I linked to is there final song they played making it very emotional. W Quite a fun band I would say, since they only have 2 ablums just check them out but if you want a really weird PV check the "Robokiss" song out. All of there songs are pretty enjoyable and bouncy, definatly pick you mood up. Overall my main recommendation would be Zone and there "Secret Base" and "Good Days" songs. Then definatly Morning Musume's "Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan" and W's "Robokiss". Check out some of there videos on YouTube if you can find them but at times it can be quite hard because the company that "owns" most of this bands moans at YouTube and they get taken down now and again. Hopefully these will be something your looking for and can you understand the music anyway?
  5. fatbill


    A good read and after reading no. 10 of your old posts you tried to get back im abit annoyed I did not read them all. This post does ask though what are we working towards? I suppose happiness depends on the person and what they find enjoyable but to be happy all the time I think would be impossible.
  6. Wow. Although I really dont have that much of a problem about any type of person, its certainly going to make me think about what I say think and say alot more. Thanks.
  7. Always nice to here good things about peoples relationships. On the age thing the difference between my parents is 5 years. As long as your ok with it then I dont think it matters but im sure peoples opinions change about the age gaps once you get older for some reason.
  8. Would you recommend it then Nadril? Price per month to?
  9. Well my Aunt died of cancer around 6 years ago I think. Then my mum pretty much had a terminal brain tumour eventually dieing 3 years ago after fighting it for 2 odd years. And finally my nan got cancer somewhere but dont really cause we dont see her often. All on one side of the family.
  10. fatbill

    Saw 5

    Only seen up to the 3rd one I think and if ill get the time ill catch up with them cause i find then pretty interesting anyway. Think I heard about the amount of movies to, its on wikipedia I think but not sure how reliable that is
  11. :-# Tottenham, not really that bothered in football but still not good to know the team you like is doing crap.
  12. Machine Girl. DO NOT EVER watch this film unless you have a high tolerance to gore or are easily made to felt sick. Did have comical deaths though and a drill bra, still what sick mind comes up with this.
  13. Meg and Dia is my all time favourite band which im seeing for the 3rd time on Thursday and the song either How much or Just one of those things. With an honorable mention to Hadouken! my next favourite band and there Wait for me song.
  14. Umm good pick there Echofish. I think ill either go with Salt and Vinegar or a meaty taste like what Echo said.
  15. ^ Dam that would be brilliant! Does seem abit pointless as there going to light it all the way up to day times brightness basically just to get more viewers. Seems abit silly though cause if your a die hard fan your get up no matter what the time to watch. Still ill probably watch abit of it just to see what it will be like, MotoGP is better =p
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