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  1. Me too. I've just turned 25, been playing since about 2004 and literally no one knows.
  2. The only thing worse then those pictures is the people that take the time to create them.
  3. I've recently started playing again after years of retirement. As I took such a long break (about 6 years?) I don't really have any knowledge of anything that was released after Runescape Classic. Due to this I spend most of my time on Runescape pottering around like a noob. Please can people stop asking me if I'm a bot when they see me!!
  4. Whats this 6 hour log I see people talking about on here?
  5. I used to work in the employment sector and my advice is see what the current employees wear and make sure you are a little bit more smartly dressed then them. Just think, if your the only inerviewee who shows up in a suit they'll remember you.
  6. This is very annoying. Popcorn is the main offender for me. Sometimes its hard to tell which teeth its even stuck in. I don't eat apples because of this!
  7. According to Wikipedia Disney bought Marvel on August 31st 2009. From what I can see The Avengers is the only Marvel they have released.
  8. Does the camera on yours keep getting stuck so your stuck looking at the scenery?
  9. What do people think of this? As a massive Star Wars fan I'm not so keen on it, I just can't imagine Princess Leia as a Disney princess. But on the other hand Disney is such a massive global brand the extra money can only do good.
  10. Have you read the part where they have sex yet?? Not yet. I read the first 30 or so pages and nothing has really happened yet. I will make an effort to finish reading it one day.
  11. Is that something you have to pay for?
  12. I thought so. My grandma had one of those special keyboards.
  13. Back in 2006 I had my arm in plaster for 4 weeks and played 14 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week.
  14. How do I create a shortcut on my keyboard so I press two keys at once but once have to touch one key? I'm forever alt + tabing between windows but am very lazy and have decided I only want to press one key in future. I've had a look in control panel and can't figure out how to do it.
  15. When I was 16 I was volunteering at Brownies so I'd have something a bit different to put on my CV when I finished school. It was the best fun ever.
  16. You could always get the game you want the most and sell it when you've finished it and put the money towards the next game. Oh the joys of not having enough money for all the toys I want.
  17. Midge

    Frugal Living

    I buy all my clothes, shoes and homewares on Ebay. If you hunt around and buy stuff that has been used/worn once its a real bargain. I got a £60 Topshop coat for £1.64 last week.
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