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  1. Im currently in summer weights for football and i spend all my free time with my girlfriend soo when im done ill be sure to tell u how im doing fully :) im at 160+ lbs now and filling out hehe
  2. Please stop with the what? I'll talk how i feel. I really could care less what you think.
  3. So you're talking about something that everyone does o.O If its a guy its a handshake, u kno, high five n pound iono... If its a girl u hug. Hows that weird? Idk about group hugs tho. Thats a little weird... No homo lol.
  4. Yeah im right handed and i kno its normal but still... it bothers me...
  5. Glad to see its still a running topic XD been weeks since ive been on here. I need to work out some more. And I have a problem. My right arm is bigger and ALOT stronger than my left. Suggestions????
  6. Now that football has started I've noticed the muscle ive put on has not made me faster... I feel so slow for some reason compared to last year :(
  7. They had creatine on sale at Walmart for less than $20... I mean the packages with all the fancy eating time tables ect lol...
  8. Sure. Whats your name on SF?
  9. Not everyone can afford those high cost suppliment packages though :(
  10. Umm... Wait till highschool before you worry lol.
  11. Gmesh


    Lol u talk about girls and say homo ALOT. Haha. Anyways my summers gonna suck. Summer school + Football + Work. SOOOO Homo. -.- Is that a problem? :ohnoes: Nah, I dunno, I guess its just the way I am... :thumbsup: And yeah, I'm working with my brother on his lawn mowing service, so, mad dough+mad tan+no shirt=Well...Sunburn...Damn Naw aint a problem I feel you on that haha :lol: Same for me just no sunburn. MAd tan :D
  12. Gmesh


    Lol u talk about girls and say homo ALOT. Haha. Anyways my summers gonna suck. Summer school + Football + Work. SOOOO Homo. -.-
  13. Yup its $10 for 2.25 LBS. Is above average for results too. Only others i can think of are like GNC $80 types but... $80 :shock:
  14. I love my $10 wal-mart protein! \
  15. Gmesh


    Um i went to school then i lifted weights came back home ate took a shower and hung out with my girl. Pretty boring daaay...
  16. Gmesh

    Rap lol

    Try and look up hearitfirst or hiphopdx if you're looking for new unreleased music. Other than that some of my favorite artists are: Lil' Wayne Gorilla Zoe Akon Keak Da Sneak Birdman Traxxamillion Mistah F.A.B. E-40 The Game DJ Khaled Rick Ross R. Kelly Theres more but meh. I don't listen to old hip hop CAUSE IVE HEARD IT ALREADY. So leave me alone lol -.-
  17. We made you was OK. More of old eminem. Supposedly he's coming back this year and i am NOT looking forward to it -.-
  18. Use the atlantic server and play 2 FULL games a day.
  19. "All pures are arrogant" Ever hear of something called prejudice?
  20. Repping 135 is like a milestone lol. Youre a lifter now :D
  21. The same man smiles and hands you a cookie. BUT WAIT!... Its an eeeevil cookie! :twisted:
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