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  1. PVP clanning was boring at the end because outside of set wars or crashing there was no reason to enter the wilderness. The 'food chain' argument while simplistic did have a good point. Good training areas or profitable resources drove the solo player into the wildy, which attracted small teams, which attracted bigger clans. Medium clans would hunt small teams while big clans hunted the medium clans. Clans with beef would seek each other out. Once PKing died all that was left were set wars, which you're right, only a few were really fun. PKing was where the fun was, and the endless stream of 'safe' updates drove the solo players away, killing the wilderness.
  2. The "year of the clan" succeeded at killing of almost all PvP clans. Maybe that's what they meant. :kanye: The EoC was the final nail in the coffin, but let's be honest, it was a pretty big freaking nail. Most top clan's memberlists had already begun to drop leading up to the EoC release due to the negative perception, once it implemented they pretty much fell off a cliff. The state of clanning now is a joke. Look at the top clans (in no particular order) before and after the 'year of the clan' and the introduction of the EoC (a few of these numbers might be a bit off, doing it from memory): January 2011 Runescape Dinasty - 150 members - pulled 80-120 to fights Violent Resolution - 220 members - pulled 80-170 to fights The Titans - 110 members - pulled 65-100 to fights Divine Forces - 110 members - pulled 65-100 to fights Echo of Silence - 110 members - pulled 50-80 to fights Reign of Terror - 110 members - pulled 65-100 to fights Solace - 95 members - pulled 50-80 to fights Corruption - 100 members - pulled 50-80 to fights The Rising - 100 members - pulled 50-80 to fights TRWF - 85 members - pulled 50-60 to fights Fools - 85 members - pulled 50-60 to fights Chivalry Legions - 80 members - pulled 50-60 to fights Wilderland - 70 members - pulled 40-60 to fights Infliction - active P2P clan Brutality - active P2P clan Kill Orgy - active P2P clan Ancient Fury - active P2P clan Infliction - active P2P clan Higher Forces - active pure clan EoP - active pure clan January 2013 Runescape Dinasty - Dead Violent Resolution - Lost 73% of memberlist The Titans - Lost 70% of memberlist Divine Forces - Lost 55% of memberlist Echo of Silence - Dead Reign of Terror - Dead Solace - Lost 45% of memberlist Corruption - Dead The Rising - Dead TRWF - Dead Fools - Dead? Chivalry Legions - Lost 45% of memberlist Wilderland - :pst 66% of memberlist Infliction - Dead Brutality - Dead Kill Orgy - Dead Ancient Fury - Dead Infliction - Dead Higher Forces - Dead EoP - Dead I guess your clan is lucky if you only lost 50% of your memberlist. EoC may be a more engaging combat system for the solo player or monster hunter, but it's abolute garbage for large-scale warring. Jagex is trying to turn their game into any other button-mashing MMO clone, strange move in my opinion since 1. Other MMO's have been doing that style longer and better, and 2. Other similar aged MMO's are also losing players. Runescape lost the one thing that made it truly unique, a combat and drop system that encouraged large scale wars. The new system encourages 10 vs 10's or 20 vs 20's, and that's exactly what we're getting. And in clan wars to boot. Awful. On topic: Glad to see someone taking an interest in the Clan seciton with this Chronicle. Thanks for the effort. Wished there were more people to read it and get involved with it.
  3. Go to Xuan in varrock square and click 'clear-title'. He's to the northwest of the center fountain.
  4. Tip.it clan community is virually non-existant, but if you do want to post here you should try the Clan Recruitment forum, you will find much more activity there. Good luck with your clan!
  5. That's a shame. That was one of my favorite parts about Runescape. Why on earth would people quit warring and pking? Since '07 most clans have used RSC for clan posting. Prior to that Tip.it and RSC both had good activity. Since then, both sites have slipped activity-wise, but Tip.it Clan Discussion has pretty muched ceased to exist. RSC still gets some activity, but a fraction of what it once was. Don't expect Tip.it to recover, they've already thrown in the towel. They dropped the clan staff not too long ago; not that it matters greatly since there are few to no posters here (it is sad to see though :( , I've always liked Tip.it better than RSC). Maybe they could merge the clan discussion with the Runescape Classic forums, both are relics of games that aren't played the same anymore. Like Tip.it Clan Discussion, the clan world as a whole has followed this downward trend. Both Jagex and the clan world have done their best to speed the demise of the clan world. Jagex's 'now-you-have-it; now-you-don't' wildy approach is laughable. Each time they add or remove the wilderness, Bounty Hunter, PvP worlds, etc, they piss off another group of people. Everyone knows Jagex favors the skillers and monster hunters, but it seems that over the last few years they've gone out of their way to take a steaming dump on the clan community. Citadels . . . really? Jagex also hasn't helped by neglecting to introduce any good reason for non-pkers to go into the wildy. Yes, rune rocks were cool back in 2006, now there's so much rune in the game that mining pointlessly slow-spawning ores is a huge waste of time. What other reason is there to go into the wildy if you don't PK? Agility course is pointless, killing 3-item skillers isn't any fun or challenge . . . Dragons and treasure trails are OK, but good luck finding a treasure trail hunter, and the only thing at dragons are gold farmers with 3 items; and neither of these things help F2P activity which is what drives the clan world (which everyone seems to understand but Jagex). Simply adding new, profitable resources to the wildy would help (in F2P!!!) or even something as simple as enhanced XP rates if you are high enough in the wildy and are risking at least 75k. No resources means no skillers. No skillers means no small teams for clans to hunt. No hunting means a general lack of PK'ing, so the majority of clans have set fights rather than finding another clan by chance. Hunting a specific is mostly pointless because chances are, that clan isn't out PKing. The clan world as a whole hasn't helped out much either. The constant bickering and arrogant attitude of much of the clan world has made it not too inviting for a newer player. And the way clan fights are now are not appealing to a large contingent of the RS population. Take PK run-ins, for example . . . since most fights now are set fights the rules become ever more important, almost as important as the fight itself. When clans were peaking in 2005/6/7, fights were just beginning to transition from 'knockout' style fights to PK run-ins. Back then, you showed up, fought, and when you died you were done. 'Last clan standing' meant something, you either out-performed or overwhelmed with numbers; both victory-worthy feats. In today's clan world, 'last clan standing' is more often than not a worthless indicator of performance. Take a clan like EoS, they can get bent over and drilled for hours, and run laps from rune rocks to new gate over and over and over again with 15 people until the other clan gets bored and leaves. Since the 'last clan standing' has long been revered as the winning clan, idiots like EoS can get outclassed badly and still claim a win. To combat this, clans have mostly decided that they will not be outlasted, no matter the case, and taken to absurd extremes. TT vs DF, 24 hour PKRI. RSD vs VR, 21 hour PKRI. Even small clans got in on the act, I was once involved in a 15v15 PKRI that lasted 12 hours. If you're new to clanning and considering joining a PK clan, would the prospect of possibly fighting for 24 hours excite you, or would it cause you to reconsider joining a warring clan? The results are obvious, fewer and fewer people are joining the clan world, and more and more active clanners are moving on with their lives and leaving Runescape. Those that enjoy the prospect of a ridiculously long fight (sadly, I am one of them lol) are already clanning. Without a new influx of players, RS clanning will continue our downward spiral towards gaming oblivion. I won't even get into P2P PKing/clanning, it's a stupid endeavor that has less to do with skill than it does your RS bank account. AGS, Dragon Claws, Dark Bows, Chaotic Weapons, Turmoil, Soul Split, Yaks (and summoning in general) have killed P2P clan PKing. Unless Jagex is willing to make damage soaking of rune armor (or better) significantly higher (like 60% damage soak) then P2P warring will stay dead. And phoenix necklaces need to go die in a hole . . . . Long story short; clan world is dying, and it probably ain't coming back.
  6. Sorry for the late gratz, but Gratz! :P
  7. Your name sounds famillar but I've been retired a while . . . wasn't in RSD in '04 but knew quite a few RSD from back then. Drop by the forums though, a lot of oldies still hang around.
  8. Was a good fight when VR was actually fighting back. I don't care for the 'grand prix' tactic, it's got to be humiliating for their members. 10 Kills, no Deaths in ~2.5 hours of fighting for me.
  9. Nice spam tower on the first pic/gif. :thumbup: Surprised you didn't get the EoS grand prix they're so fond of showing off, lol. Gratz on the win, glad to see RoT getting back into F2P more.
  10. Gratz Asc. No offense to Asc, but it seems KO has really fallen off the map, I can't remember the last time I saw a win topic from them, they used to be really good especially at matched opts fights.
  11. mmmm charts :P had like 6 kills, 0 deaths in 2 hours fighting
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