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  1. Grinding is part of what makes a game interesting, but i feel that Jagex have gone to far. 5K PK-ing kills for a new emote/Tier 6 Wildstalker helm (of course it's a reward for PK-ers, but non-Pkers want to have the emote too!) Complete game for best cape At ^this pace i bet that many players will quit the game. That's my prediction. It's a choice to go for those things. They didn't exist before and the game wasn't ruined. They exist and it is? They only matter if you choose to let them matter. It's the same game as it was before they were added; it's just an option for people who want to do it. --- As for the skillcapes, couldn't disagree more. The competition for 99s back in RSC was intense already. Did they/we get any skillcapes? No. Also, the skills were harder to train and opened up even less content. 30k/hr was great for combat achieved in high wilderness or certain other locations if you concentrated; now you talk about 150k+ if you mean "great" combat exp. If the assumption was correct, why on earth would people have bothered to get 99s, I mean come on, no skillcapes? No way I'm getting a 99 without a skillcape! Ridiculous logic with no basis as far as I can tell. Don't know anyone that does 99s solely for capes. Personally, I go for a 99 because I want to; it's a personal goal. I stopped caring about the high-scores in 2004 when RS2 came out. I play when I want to play(~75% of my played time is still from RSC) and train what I want to train, even if it involves "mindless" grinding. It's not for a darned skillcape, that's for bloody sure.
  2. Ugh.. On one hand the GE has it's annoyances(Manipulation etc.), but then again.. I hated the falador/varrock trading so much. Running out of something like Laws was a horrible thing for me, meant having to dive into that cesspit. Same if I had something to sell; people standing next to you lowering their price in reaction to any price you put up and just taking hours to get rid of things. Awful memories -.- Don't care about wilderness. PK has been meaningless to me since RS2 came out. Just hope they don't mess up all the content that works currently in/around the wilderness too badly.
  3. I personally wear my attack cape because it looks nice. I hate how the firecape looks and I don't ever want to wear it. I actually wanted to use my str cape as that was my first 99 back in 2004 before RS2, but my god.. The colors on that one.. Shoot the creator :l So, it's about the looks for me. Attack cape(t) fits with my melee slayer outfit, IMO.
  4. I am surprised to find out people ACTUALLY keep on sounds in RS. I turned them off after 5 seconds in 2004 after first log in to RS2 and it has remained that way.
  5. I have a whole bunch of RSC pictures(1496) that have survived past the 4-5 hard drive crashes and such that I've had.. Here's a few I ran into that I remember were "awesome" for me me back then :P February 2004, I was probably higher when I hit 92 hp 2 months later, but no picture of that. Hmm, just noticed a connection in a picture taken a while after that highscore one... I think s/he wanted to see if I really should be above him/her in the highscores :o Bs Arkan was a well known fella back then, I recall he was muted and ran around mercilessly killing people :) He tried to jump me with a ranger + maging, I ended up 3 rounding him from almost full HP(he had 99 99 99 99 I was 80 70 99 90 or so) \o/
  6. Grr, only heard of this and re-subbed last night.. By then the GE was empty. I was able to burn my blues and crimsons and gain 10 summoning levels in 30 mins, but that's it for me as far as summoning goes, can't get 2ndaries for anything X_x Logged out to try to figure out what to do next...
  7. I just heard about this and logged in to try to get some summoning mats, the GE has absolutely nothing even at max price.. :| Guess I was late.
  8. :'( It's from 5th of April 2003. The only accidental level up I remember. I was waiting for a friend to come online to kill him for it and I was 3 exp away from the level and while fishing.. poof.
  9. I got bored of Utopia and Earth: 2025 which were the only online games I played back then, typed "free browser game" or something to that effect to a search engine and browsed through some useless carbage before finding runescape which looked interesting enough for a browser game. It was in 2001, somewhere in the spring. I was a bit naive with online stuff back then(only had 56k and used it for a few hours per week) and made my char TheMike with password Mike.. : It was gone when I started again in the fall, so I made DjMIKE. Yey.
  10. really? wow thats awsome lol i didnt even know,,, back in the days or rsc i was never a member. sure i got members rsc now, but im lvl 6 lol :) good times btw what does iban's staff look like in rsc? would be great to see a pic of the spell and item :P Hmm, went through some of mine from RSC and actually found a picture of both. Don't even remember taking them. Lot's of fun without guides lol, s/he ended up dying to the damage and I got through \o/ That's the spell in-flight. And there's the staff.
  11. Posted an update after umm.. about 9 months? Scrapped all the old goal stuff I had there, not really relevant anymore. So yeah. Read it if you want. Or not.
  12. Proof? I never knew they had a list of the first 2k people to sign up posted at any time. From what i know/read Runescape beta started Dec.2001 Went public Jan.2001 and i joined up in Feb.2001. I can say that since Feb.2001 there was never any list posted that had the list of the first 2k people to create accounts. They had high scores posted in a email they sent out and they had the sever status pages that had the oldest player posted(time spent playing).I can say that since Feb.2001 there was never any list posted that had the list of the first 2k people to create accounts. I was just smelting for the past couple days with my scyth wielded. http://www.zybez.net/community/index.ph ... pic=707810 Has been posted on tip.it a dozen times throughout the years. It's not 100% accurate, people that hadn't logged in to be active in the highscores aren't listed. Also, to the ones that weren't sure, pic dated 20.4.2003:
  13. Eventhough I've played RSC, beta RS2, crappy RS2 and the new HD, I wouldn't really want to play RS anymore if it went back to Low Detail. It's just unbelievably crappy looking :?
  14. A couple of days since the last update. I had 98 attack, 60 summoning, 70 slayer and 125 combat all coming up so I decided I'd update after I get all those. I somehow had reaaally bad luck with the actual clue scroll drops now. From task 30 to 48, I only got these 2 and there was a gap of 17 between these 2 even. 90% of the tasks were on mobs that drop lvl 3s and no go. It was getting a bit annoying as I really liked doing them to break the monotony. Oh well.. Got this while going from 50 to 55 summoning. ^^ My first dragon drop from metal dragons. Too bad it was the skirt :( I tried for a long time to get one back when the cave just came out and they were very pricey. I held a log of drops and all, but never got them. This is also actually the only rare dragon drop that I've gotten in RS2. In RSC I got a d med from the KBD. Never found a shield half or a dmed from fire giants or anything :l 11 levels gained since I started, soon I will have quadrupled my exp at the start. Maybe I'll even get to 85 for them whips.. :o I don't think so though Then this while doing a task, yey :) It actually felt like it went really fast. I got 97 in the last update post and I've been in school all week too, so 99 shouldn't be that bad either. If I can keep my spirits up and not quit(again). And then this one from the attack. I actually thought I'd get it from the summoning lvls later. And one of the goals is reached. It's getting a bit expensive though, spent 1M gp on 40k shards 56-60 and I still ran out and had to go swap pouches >_> Well, I'll probably update next when I get something worthwhile again. Might be at the 99 att actually.
  15. Yes, you obviously have to be a child to not be ashamed of your hobbies. The adult thing to do here is to get a shirt that says "RuneScape? What, me? No, I'd never." In the school I go to atm(I'm 5 years older than my classmates), they talk WoW all day. I've heard them mention runescape a couple of times, saying stuff like "these computer suck so bad I don't think they'd even run runescape". And they're such newbies at wow too.. They don't even have 70 chars and they spent most of the computer classes free time looking at wow-armory going "Woah" at every epic item. Maybe I should show them my 6 70s. I think they'd revere me as a god then.. Hmm, might work..
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