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  1. had to be the quests. Quests are my favourite part of runescape so once i did them all i was straight into members.
  2. Jagex has already said that they will not take action to those people who calls another a "noob" etc. It'll be the other way round for wasting their time/ I'm a noob because I don't have armour. I'm a noob because buying full addy for a friend who can't weild it is dumb.
  3. I swear I mentioned that I get designs etc from other people and blend it all together. Maybe you should just read the thead a little more.
  4. Yeah I screwed up the body and I haven't seen a dragonhide since forever. His my latest one
  5. screw it if it's old. Why has she been banned? I needed her for pixel advice! nooo! I was almost done too...
  6. Well, I'm new to it to. What I find good is to look at other pixel pics, read punkages guide and just sort of make it altogether. Don't forget to zoom in by 8 so you can see every pixel makes it much easier. Here's one I made recently. (not finished) A fireball will hit the noob. He's mystified to what it is giving it the title n33b ;)
  7. yeah i know its stuffed... and btw dude ur sig isn't that good... i could make it quite easily =p Go on then make it. Anyway, it's your first attempt, So keep going at it. You'll be a god at it eventually ;)
  8. What's the thing in the middle? It looks like a giant piece of poo. Erm...no offence. Change the guy in the middle and I'll give it an 8/10 6/10 for now
  9. oooh ooh! Text:Teminator149 Wc, range and poor n33b 4 life! Some poor looking n33b cuttin magics. Oh and do you mind looking into my thread, to help/tip me on what I should do on my pixel pic.
  10. Right now I've done the head but I'm kinda stuck trying to draw the dragon hide body. I've been looking at tutorials on here but I couldn't find anything on it. I made the face by joining some examples (made from scratch though) together so it may look familiar. Well, I did it and this is what i've got altogether.
  11. punkage is my favourite as cause of her I'm close to finishing (not) my first pixel sig. I've only done the head so far. lmao
  12. That explains alot since I never shutup even when people won't talk back. But I did get a mime once and only got 1 stinking emote after getting all thee thingys right.
  13. They were but new noobies were made, noobicus maximus to the rarer goddamend beggarius and even the cockius stupidus. I wish my mouth didn't fall off every time I tried to say "How much would a wood chuck, chuck would a wood chuck wood chuck wood" really fast
  14. I'm kinda annoyed that the dragons axes special doesn't affect woodcutting which I bet loads of peopel thought would happen. Anyway dragon pick would be useless unless for mining.
  15. OMG your like the rants/suggestion everything else Godess! Why are your ideas/rants always so awesome? I loved to play chess with other people cause at school people are such priggs and can't help themselves mess up the game
  16. kill all those people who make "what would you do with..."
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