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  1. lol my character looks exactley like that and i didn't even mean too :P Goodluck with your goals, you write the best blogs ;)
  2. I'm glad someone cleared this up. I still don't get the exp thing, maybe Jagex made a mistake or are they saying that the ones that escaped the slayer tower are stronger than the ones at the Abyss? :-k
  3. *cough* Had to read it twice...I bet it's one of those lame jokes you get in Christmas crackers :?
  4. Nope, the only reason i use "lol" is because i can't be bothered to think of a better reply...
  5. I agree sounds great. Earlier in your posts you said something about a new oriental area? If there was one it'd be good to find all the ingrediants needed near eachother because it sounds quite long to make. 100% support!
  6. lol never, I took the initive (sp?) too look at the world map. The new comers map was a peice of crap and the question guy at lumbridge didn't exist. Funny thing is I was 11 at the time and within a week I knew all f2p areas. That's only because I'd no life :oops: The only time I ever got confused was that sheild of arrav quest. I didn't know you need a partner and finding the dam place took forever! #-o
  7. :? That is low It was a time before people were clever enough to understand this thread. :? Great idea ;) Even the most simple idea can be the most useful.
  8. That's going in my sig!! :lol: Keep up the laughs!! :lol:
  9. lol i'm still trying to remember a conversation i had with a noob, it was hilarious i can't beleive i've forgotten.
  10. Makes me extremely sad that alll my friends talk about it and i've never seen it :cry:
  11. Nothing wrong about dreaming abut runescape...as most of you should know the imagination can think about millions of things...
  12. I'm f2p myself and have no idea why others complain. If you just keep the raw materials and things you need you'll be fine for back space. And this fishing thing is stupid, just bring teleport to falador runes and go from there. That's half the journey gone along with that stupid boats fee.
  13. At last!! For players who can't mail in or don't have a credit card (Me!!) this would be a perfect way for Jagex to make money! All you have to do is maybe scratch the back off for a unique code (Just like in WoW.) And bam Jagex is making tonnes more money. And for parents who don't like handling money over the internet will find this a safer option. Can't beleive i never put this is before.!
  14. If you explain a bit I might support. Stealth won't be a skill on it's own because it goes under theiving and agility. Most likely agility. Agility pretty much sucks right now since you can only go past obstacles... If this skill was done for quests like Death to the Dorgshuun (SP?) I haven't done it but apparantly you need to hide in some places (I may be thinking of another quest.) I might see this being used in the wilderness...such as level 1 is just learning to hide behind stuff...later on maybe 99 you can camouflage yourself without any objects except some clothing. I admit training this by itself will be tedious so putting it into agility will make it better. I'm not to sure how long it'll hide you for...maybe (like prayer) it temporarly takes your agility down till 0 and that's when you appear again. Of course you don't have to recharge it'll come back on it's own. Sounds fun to me :P ~Abyssal~
  15. Even if it does sound unrealistic some of you forget this is just a game, tonnes of crap can happen. Massive clumps of metal on your feet? I think that's a bit absurd (Sp?) Dharoks axe? You see in Japanese or Chinese cartoons/games where people are holding swords twice as big as them and it's kind of happened in runescape...so even if the mods were pulling your leg, this wouldn't be such an absurd (Sp?) update. ~Abyssal~
  16. First of all, WO0OT! ZAMMY! :twisted: Anyways this seems like an awesome idea, well thought out, easy to understand and a better way to enjoy the game. I'd enjoy thrashing some green and blue! :twisted:
  17. If you have a high enough construction level and money (i think) you can got to the taxidermist (sp?) to get it stuffed then hung on your wall :P It talks too! :D
  18. Get Yourself A Crystal Bow!! :evil: Seriousely, no arrows needed and there better than rune. But basically your screwed, on the first form she uses protect from mage and range... If you survive you'll do fine on second form ;)
  19. Some of you should be a bit more sympathetic :? Crap happens as they say :? Hope you get your monehs back.
  20. I like runescape too much to be afk :P I only leave to run for the bathroom. Then come back. I've never come back to see a random owning me :P
  21. Well agility effects how long you can keep going for, they'll run out of energy eventually. I think there's going to be many problems to this :? Anyoone could easily teleport unnoticed to a main part of the course...unless you post people around the course (two people facing one another.) Then'll there'll be another two people up the road just visible on mini map. These people would easily be able to see if someones cheating or not. [EDIT]After looking at the map I suggest putting people blocking areas such as barbarian village down to draynor...all places like that ;)
  22. ^ A big lol to the girlfriend one :P Gold diggers these days :roll:
  23. f2p is a great idea! Mainly because in members people will just by agility potions or whatever their called. Shame I can never turn up for these events. :(
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