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  1. You should know it's wrong from the day you could understand the people around you :? But i do agree that runescape doesn't influence people at all. I use to play a hell of alot and you don't see me stealing stuff. Although i do pick-pocket friends as a joke... :shock:
  2. I'm guessing that guys about 10 or 9 years old :|
  3. LOL! I bet his brother either killed him or killed himself :lol: [TEST] Ever had a noob say something stupid to you? Well post it here!
  4. I bet you teleported once you completed the quest? You shouldn't have :? But what the person before me said is correct. Find the volcano on Karamja and go down the dungeon. Head north and turn right and there should be a wall. If you've done dragon slayer you'll be able to push through it. Beware there are lesser demons around but they'll most likely being killed by trainers.
  5. Go on an empty world and mine coal (cause it's worth more and better exp) in the wilderness mine at lvl 9 wilderness i think. Edgeville back is nearby too ;) I went from 49 to 60+ i think.
  6. If you've done Knights sword, you'll know where blurite ore is. In that cave are ice giants and ice knights. If you go in there go to the left (middlesh of the cave). It's a kind of safe spot but the knights can get you (after a while they'll stop attacking.) The ice giants are easy to kill, loads of exp (prayer aswell) and you get runes and crap. That's how i got 60 ;) I either wore (for headgear) a rune full helm (cause of those damn knights) or nothing.
  7. Holy crap i made that post ages before i was banned...maybe 6 months ago, I'd be surprised if Jagex hasn't seen this idea.
  8. Sounds cool to me but a bit complicated...will that mean when you pick up the bones it'll say "so and so's bones"? But i like the idea on whole :mrgreen:
  9. lol I should try that one day :P I wanna make a link to this thread on my profile but I've forgotten how >.
  10. I love doing that to noobs who want "free stuff plz." Shame is, some of them have that one more brain cell than other noobs so they spam you on pm. Good 'ol blocker 8-)
  11. Cannon, and about 8 hours straight on the computer :D Goodluck but don't do 8 hours straight :shame: Bad for you health and social life. A break every hour maybe?
  12. Amagawd, get off the forums and do the quest now! That dragon will die faster than anyone has ever seen it
  13. A while back I saw a topic in the Runescape Forums about people having hilarious conversations with noobs. Basically you just post a conversation you had with a noob who was trying to scam you, report you etc ;) Happy Posting! :mrgreen:
  14. Dam i wanted to say that :P Kalphite king would be ridiculous anyway...all the workers, warrior things etc are male (I think ;)) Wrong. The workers and soldiers have no sex, although their eggs are similar to that of a queens so you may call them females. But in truth, they have no gender nor the respective organs. I learn something new everyday! :D
  15. I quite hate it when i'm hacked at all. All my cases were that the hacker used my account as his/her main...I hate when people get my skills up i'd rather do it myself. That's why i wanna see if i can have my attack, strength, defence, hitpoints reduced to their orignal state.
  16. That's the kind of reason why my parents banned me :P But i'm kinda happy, my grades etc are back up, I'm socialising again and i can at last gets some rest :D It's a good choice you left ;) Goodluck with real life :D By the way, what happened to the The Old Nite? I was cut off from runescape at the time...
  17. meh, if they wanna wear skirts they can wear skirts, i couldn't really give a damn. Just a bunch of pixels... [OFF-TOPIC]What's all this about the old nite?
  18. Even though i spelt terminator wrong i still prefer teminator...I don't want those stupid numbers on the ned :?
  19. Dam i wanted to say that :P Kalphite king would be ridiculous anyway...all the workers, warrior things etc are male (I think ;))
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