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  1. I get the cake for you and hire a clown to through it in your face. I wish for a wish that could wish for a fish
  2. I think you should be shot. The amount of people would be over whelming(sp?) not only for the worlds but for jagex's money. Might aswell put a hole in their pockets. [EDIT] Oh yeah, f2p is basically a taster so either become a member or don't post something like this.
  3. lol, when I saw the title I was gonna flame a hell of alot and runescape does have a musical instrument. Do Fremmenik trials and don't complete it if you want to do a crappy song. If you do complete use a raw shark or better on it to do a better dance (teles you to relekka though)
  4. I've read the guide for that new quest it sucks and "dark light" is almost as useless as silverlight. On topic, I think jagex will make some crappy skill that will be just as bad as farming.
  5. I would edit my name in a way. But it's quite annoying when people make terminator jokes even though I spelt it wrong and miss out the first "R". lol. But I do like saying I'll be back etc
  6. I'm kinda afraid of my mouse now o.0
  7. Yes, well some things aren't wishable are they? I wish my alter-ego would acheive world domination and eat kittens :o
  8. How would the game be updated? Would they release a new game every 1-2 weeks saying it has a better game play?
  9. I don't know...it's not a bad suggestion but not worth jagex time making. Maybe in a larger update they could just throw that in
  10. Hee Hee, I'm going to enjoy killing alot of mages now :D Seecrull bow has the same effect doesn't it? :/
  11. This guy is scum. He steals sigs here and sells them on other forums. He got a 6 month ban at runeweb.net for doing so :s
  12. I don't I'll even bother wasting my sarcasm lol.
  13. I love runescape because I don't have to rely (sp?) on a gun to save my [wagon]. With a weapon like entered into runescape, what would be the point?
  14. hi hurl, anyway I think he means when someone pms you in split chat? I'm no sure what he means
  15. wow you do have a point about the ballista thing. Since cannons can do the same. Anyone on that other topic the author of this thread made. I don't like your ideas for range weapons. I swear two of em are guns
  16. dude its a weapon on your feet. I found with rune boots I can hit higher so It'd end up getting a special
  17. Actually it's safer not to open the box until out of the wilderness incase of pkers. So, he teled out then opened it. Some of you are jealous and can't help yourselfs. wow it's a bad quality pic so what. It doesn't prove anything. Its not a fake and it was either tip.it's guide or rune.hq's that said that it is better to get out rather than opening it
  18. If i had the chance I shoot/kill/maim etc him. The jerk gave me a ruby as my best and that's it
  19. Definitely guards if your not in the mood for a challenge
  20. Sorry about this I got confused. But are someof you sayin you got more than one god mage on a clue?
  21. Yes, I heard that's all they drop other than nothing. Have to see for myself
  22. On the subject god spells need to change expcially zamoraks and guthix as they look really stupid
  23. omfg dragon boots? What would be the special a triple kick in mid air? lame. And what if you weilding a dragon weapon what would happen then?
  24. I'd say b-axe hits pretty good and it's not really slow like 2h
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