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  1. Well, you haven't given a lot of notice as well :? . I don't think I'll be able to come. Congratulations though :thumbup: -Selbbub
  2. I'm a dishwasher :P Best job I could get at my age :P But I'm probably going to working at the United Colours of Benetton megastore next year. My fav brand along with Roxy -Selbbub
  3. I'll be sure to buy it when my mum's credit card bill for this month has come through :P . I bought a few songs earlier this month so yeah :anxious: Pretty anxious to hear the songs though :P Keep up the good work and run another marathon, hehe. -Selbbub
  4. Good luck on your goals sweety : . I'm rooting for you :wink: -Selbbub
  5. You can do it Valor :D. You have no idea how awesome it is to have you back ^_^. Good luck with your blog. -Selbbub
  6. When I saw you logged in yesterday I must say my face went like this: :-s --> :shock: --> :) --> :mrgreen: I'm so glad to hear you're back :D . One of the most important stuff that happened was the April Fool's Day joke dedicated to the cabbage. It was awesome! Love you more than Mirror -Selbbub (Kah Bah Gee)
  7. I love it! It might not be anatomically correct, have a flag in for a four, be the official headquarters of the Spaghetti Squad Inc., have weird blue hair in the ice, show a poor anorexic half-armed mage with a shot on Santa and flat feet and he might have just pasted in a pic of the KBD (which he admitted to not drawing himself) and left in a big white gap but that's what makes this an awesome picture. It's so different from what everybody else has making it unique :D. Keep up the good work! Work on that style :mrgreen: -Selbbub
  8. Times 5 pm est usa time 6 pm ctr usa time 7 pm pac usa time 10pm Gmt uk time 5 am aws* (aussie west, Sunday 8th) 6 am Acst (aussie ctrl, sunday 8th) 7 am Aest (Aussie East, Sunday 8th) It's this Saturday for the Euros and Americans. -Selbbub
  9. Hehe, you obviously are used to the RS forums :P This party sounds quite spiffy. I'll try and make it :D -Selbbub
  10. Go OoC! I read teh guide there and laughed my head off. Allie ftw :mrgreen: -Selbbub (past member of the OoC)[/u]
  11. Advertising sure is useful :P. Mind if I try putting a banner of some sort together for you? I'll even add in a free cheer! -Selbbub
  12. Put up the new cheer please :) . I need people to know I am one helluva cheerleader and for that they have to see my best work. -Selbbub
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