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  1. This opens a lot of game possibilities, i believe trends will be 85 slayer, 91 rc, 85 mining and 99 smithing.. Rares would also play an important role in economy if available somehow. I'm also worried that this game version wont attract new players even beeing more catchy and straighforward content wise (too much game content even for veterans nowardays), the main game will absorb them all... and what would a limited comunity do after everybody has their own full rune set? Noobs are a key factor for gameplay prosperity. all in all, it will be like reseting the fat and ugly "tamagoshi".. and i'm ok with a more adult, friendly and chatty comunitty even if small red:wave2:see you in rs2007!! red:wave2:see you in rs2007!! byehired:wave2:see you in rs2007!! ops shitred:wave2:see you in rs2007!! ;)
  2. Every time an update outdates bot clients, there is an open window for bot codders/sellers to profit..
  3. According to Mod Mark, "Your odds of receiving a red section reward with the squeal of fortune is between 1 in 8000 and 1 in 15000." Since this is the case, you are better off not purchasing extra spins, since if you buy 75 spins for 20 dollars, you are paying 20 bucks for approximately a 1/110 chance at receiving a rare item. According to Paul Gower, the odds of getting a piece of Third-Age armour from a Treasure Trail are extremely rare, very small or very low (according to Mod Maylea, the odds are at least 1 in 100,000 or worse from any trail). Then it will be removed. i think it has a chance on rares market.
  4. In game impact will be huge... 250k RC xp is like 28k nature runes. Less demand for pure essence, less supply of natures..
  5. Just to say i never thought someone would go for 200m all. That's a lot of grinding! Runescape is a different game nowadays and its difficulty has decreased. Imagine what would be, getting all the supplies at forums/fally world 2.. uff I also tended to make it all by me or else it would change my scene of accomplishment. In the future, the second player getting 200 all will always have that argument... I believe it was unnecessary.. making money takes skills for example at merchanting... its like a 'slow skill' ... that's why the Top players competition is fraudulent Money is potential Xp and one shouldn't be given away potential. Anyway, everyone has their own conscience.
  6. I wonder how those pieces came out from the minigame, how was the glitch reproduced?
  7. Hi Laura : A tradable glitch you mean :
  8. What is this doing outside stealing creation minigame? :shock: And it is tradable to players NOT on ge:
  9. My guess is that dragon pl8 wont stop dropping in price till all the surplus pieces are sold, and yes there has been an attempt yesterday to push pl8 prices up but the problem is, if pl8's sell, lots of smithers flood the market again buying pieces at lowest price and making serious profit (limit is 10 sets per 4 hours). Drop rate of pieces was lowered, but it will take some more time till all the pieces are used
  10. When i finished the quest i went to see duradel, i was expecting to see him there with a line like 'well i get to respawn at lumby too' but nah... Its the fun about role playing, in a future part 2 they can be resurrected or something by a stone of jas power like thing, its funny how it made myself aware of the emotional content of the game =)
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