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  1. I can't predict exact prices, but i say the arrows will actually be higher than you all say, because if the development diary is right you get arrow tips.
  2. A perfect idea. on the macroing point, no macros cannot use pins, because they record clicks and replay them. autoers like the ones on yew trees however can if they are programmed well enough, now all jagex has to do is invent a random event that is similar to bank PIN input. I need help opening this tresure chest, it have some sort of number lock Type in 5432! Done.
  3. 1.Too complex for the majority of people, detering new players. 2.Inviting scams becaus it's too time consuming. 3.I don't like the bank solution. 4.It would take up BAGS of space. around 10 bytes per item. with 100 you would take up around a KB.
  4. I support this idea. It's an amazing concept which has been greatly developed by willing minds. I also have some technical data. The interchangable tabs would take: 32 chooseable pictures which is i think 5 bits for tab customisation. (I may be wrong if you can choose blank i am) I think each item would need a 4 bit adress for each tab (it would be best if you made 16 tabs because it would be easiest to code) locking would require another bit of data. so 5 bits for the items too. I'm not sure how split/ghost would work if at all, so i can't say anything about that. f2p bank you would need (as a minimum) 360 bits or 45 bytes extra on top of item numbers. P2P banks, how big are they actually? this could be useful for adding to you idea as a selling point. because it would take 1,300,000 bank extentions to fill a floppy disk. Please, Correct me if i'm wrong.
  5. From memory Alchemy-the practice of turning one object into another. Basics Four elements fire, air, earth and water make up everything on earth and gold is an exact combination of the four. they didn't make much headway, although they made some advanced equipment, like distilation. In esscence alchemy is turning anything to anything else. which is primitive chemistry. But this is runescape, so reality doesn't need to bear on it. I think runescape is fine as it is, they may introduce an Alchemist who can change items into othere items, but full blown alchemy would probably deserve a skill of it's own. with things like Level 99:change bronze to rune (advanced equipment needed)
  6. I can't rember who said it but it was "elves making a crystal axe would be like greenpeace making a nuclear powered harpoon for killing seals" and that is my most memorable TIF quote other than a popular one "never pee on pure sodium"
  7. Agreed, i was however thinking a type of bomb, which is used to unlock certain training areas, or other places. Digsite would have to be a pre-requisite either just to make it or for a quest to learn how to. Powdered nitroglicerine and Arcenia root in a shell (probably smithed). And Firemaking could be used to raise the attack of weapons by making the blades burn, a smear of swamp tar, a tinderbox and BAM! a flaming weapon. As for smithing a new Smithing exclusive weapon would be the way to go, Maybe it could take the smithing level to make it to weild (any ideas for a name) I was thinking of a forge hammer , but thats a little silly.
  8. Pouches has agood reason, well you can only have one per character, and it would be hard to trade them, and keep the limit in place. as for the teleport gem (you wouldn't want a level three in llyeta, would you?)
  9. you can build rooms over gardens, thats where i keep my combat ring so you can do that.
  10. well there is a mahogany tree on ape atoll, along with a collection of teak. the karahazi jungle too contains a group of teaks.
  11. QP:221 Cbt:77 Quests not done: devious minds (rc required) Fairytale II (Herblore) Recipie for Disaster(can't get past the banna) Advanced rag and bone man (will do when one of above is done)
  12. this concept will just not work. 1.It will eliminate Merching, entirely there being a global market that can be acessed from set points ingame instantly, at set prices as you know Merchanting is based upon people wanting an item you have bought for less on another section of the world.
  13. 1. I think that this Haemachemy research was actually finding ways to make a process more EFFICENT, i believe the vyres were converted using such science but the scientists discovered how to reverse the process (daeyalt being the main ingredient of such a process) for some proof read the message. 2. Drakan We will NOT defeat drakan, we may build up a good resistance force but due to the extreme sensitivity of such a case we will not win, YES i do think there will be a blood altar there, i think we may sneak in and acess the altar. (from where lord drakan could summon reinforcments)
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