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  1. I have mask set, santa, and 130 mil. I was hoping not to spend my santa or not to spend all of my cash. Are the discontinued items street prices so far from their GE evaluation?
  2. Ahhh...Hmm, I see. Thanks, that's actually essentially what I was trying to find out. When you see read up on it around the forums, do you mean runescape forums, tip,it forums, or are there any specialist sites? Thanks again
  3. There's always the special skill boosting curry, but that takes a lot of luck and effort to gather spices. Unless you're into training hell cats
  4. Hi everyone, I've not played the game in 3 or so years....in the time, the mask set I owned rebounded in value, and I had left away a few dragon bones and cash that mean I can finally buy a green party hat now. (this was a predeparture dream of mine) But I have no experience using the grand exchange... And I'm wondering how people buy rares these days. Is the right way to go on tip.it and set up a post saying "buying green phat for mask set + cash" or do I go and sell the pieces individually, and go buy a green phat on GE? I'm really concerned because with GE you cant actually see if anyone is buying/selling So any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks people, -Kin
  5. The bloody mugger got me :( As for first members death it was from poison while running nats. Didn't know about poison and back then they didn't stock anti in the store. And, someone ran ahead and bought out the bread/meat so I would die :(:(:(:( They laughed. I lost all my fortunes, 10k ess. Waahhh!! I'm all better now, though.
  6. That's such a lie, I had been trying to buy 70,000 tinderboxes for max price (1gp) for 15 hours and purchased 0.
  7. There's nothing wrong...This thread is insisting the essential incredible importance of that to runescape's success and possible downfall through damaging the possibility of such friendship!
  8. THIS THREAD HAS NOTHING TO DO ABOUT RWIT as a practice I am NOT a rwit, nor have I ever bought gp for dollars. Please read a thread before trying to say "bad" about its author and/or his character. The thread is much more about how Jagex has damaged the game in it's sole goal of stopping rwit
  9. No, I didn't mean that as condescending as it may have came out. It's just a time spend here over here argument to why you might have found more friends in trading spots. On the other hand I do not yet have a counterargument and ?leave it open? to your claim that contradicts my experience, but comes with your own, that training spots are better. Oh, and all my friend arguments have no pertinence to "RL Friends" and so by saying "only friends while slayering" I don't mean no friends in real life, because that's a different realm it doesn't relate exactly and has many more factors.
  10. You sir, are a complete idiot. Prepare to be flamed. On topic, it is true that Jagex is making the game a tad bit worse. I also agree that it is a lot more fun when you play with your freinds. Is this the actual 3hitu? That's pretty shamelessly pathetic. You can never [should never] say that about someone simply following the "I'll claim this is what everyone thinks so that everyone thinks this" argument about why someone's point isn't valuable. This is not about what he did, but what he said which I argue to be incredibly important. I think you can search for it, or, it should be under the first or second page of memberlists>Duke_freedom "find all posts". Yes, creepy, maybe, but I do take a look at what Duke has said recently when there's been a big event and I want to learn a little more about his opinion on the market. I happened to find the thread then. Clanning is yet another counterarguement to my own. Friendship is important, and one easy way is through clans. Unfortunetly it is very rare to find a good clan. Although with the advent of clanchat it is more possible to have a real "clan" in the strong sense other morggs support - Runescape still has few options for advertiseing, finding, and being in a clan any greater then your generic clan. On the other hand, one option is just to introduce your best friends with each other to make a network of great friends :) __________________________________________ And for you, Erichermit, I think it is good you find many friends while slayering. I'm not sure if you are average though because there are not too many diehard slayers although I know a few ;). You can't suppose you'd find friends anywhere else then if you were slayering when you mainly slayer. Also I find most super slayers I know play a considerable lot, and so, it's more of a question if whether they'd find more/better friends in a different environment for the time they put into the game.
  11. That's possible, albeit surprising to me. I always find that at my tasks there are either few people, or those who I meet have been particularly brisk. I'd like to ask if when you say you meet more whether it's just a "Hi" or a friendship, and whether you consider whether you spend astronomically greater time slayer'ing then other avenues?
  12. While I'd rather not link to the thread, as that may weaken my thread, recently a thread was locked of an apparent massive GP seller who was offering his slightly enlightened view from the "other" side. That is, that the success of runescape as a morg relies nearly entirely on the interactions between the players because runescape, the game, is pretty simple. I'd like to bring up the discussion that was censored through the locking of his thread, but was never the less valid. Jagex is clearly bent of trying to stop RWIT and their methods have primarily involved restricting player interaction [Ge anonymous, bank trading defunct, prices determined to a degree by Jagex and easily tweaked by Jagex]. Bad, Good? I'd say bad. I am not aware if I am the only one, but as a four year player now I know the last three years have been ONLY held together by the knowledge that "I'm only here for the friends I know". The game itself has not be nearly as enjoyable as playing the game with my friends. I also know that I did not meet most of my friends while exploring alone the world, or questing alone, or while skilling alone. I know I met my friends often when trading, and continued friendship through chatting. Mark though that it required the interaction between players that is, perhaps, being severed through Jagex market policies. You might argue that times will change. New players will be meeting each other at the dragons, at the ores, and at the experiments. But, I'd also like to point out that outside of combat, in the cities, players are much more on an equal ground. In battle, competing for spawns and trying to keep up with clicking, does not exactly spawn talking. It might also restrict your friend base to those with similar skill interests, and locations, regardless of whether you could PM them- unless you met them someplace first you can't PM this. Perhaps had Jagex fostered this game as they're radically now changing from the beginning, it would better adapt to such style. I'm curious what others say and offer to my commentary. Thanks, -Kin Edit: On second thought, I should mention the thread. It was clearly not hidden and locked threads are demonstrations I have all the right to mention it without having my thread locked. "Why this update failed -- miserably" by r2_pleasent
  13. A few flaws. Wow is $15 a month, you don't need to buy game disks (unless expansion) Doubling customer support staff does not "merely half to time" it's neccesary because if the staff was not increased eventually Jagex would be getting more emails per day then they respond to per day. Players do have the right to criticize functions and mechanics of the game and Jagex and this should be welcomed by a company so as to improve their game.
  14. Fairy Code CIP is a wee better, I feel. Nevertheless, you're right. I guess combined with the below's technique. I do think that's a good idea. Combining it so, is better off. Afterall, needing to get to gnome stronghold & village anyway. I appreciate the help, still looking for other methods/uses. I have 4 spirit seeds, :), but mainly so I'm really hoping to discover uses.
  15. Yes, It's useful for traveling. I understand they are all useful for traveling, probably draynor one the most. But specific uses I'm interested in. Nevertheless, thankyou.
  16. Don't sell them for 10k! Feathers are worth 10gpea not 1/2gpea!
  17. Hello! I'm trying to generate uses for the Spirit Tree that you can plant as an farmer. The locations are: Ecteria, Port Sarum near the Draynor village wall, Brimhaven Port opposite of the Fruit tree In truth, besides obscure uses (Which is not to lower the value of such uses!) I can not find many uses. Of course, you can use them for traveling. But can one think of something to do between the traveling? I do not believe it would be significantly faster law'ing. It could be used well for travel, that is the basis of what I can think of. Specifics, I'm lacking. Thank you for any help, -Kin-Kinslayer-Kinnishian
  18. Quite an excellent guide. I must refer people to this guide. I've explained a few times how to make lyres when people see me using mine, but this guide far surpasses my explanations in every spectrum (use, how, why, ect) A few particular tips I liked: -Raw basses in warriors guild -The "superior" fish that give better recharge -And just the detail in this guide If I recall, there might also be a significant population of black unicorns nearby. That's great for herblore or even profiteering. Also, it's very useful to cordinate your lyres with inventory space. It's just as good to have 28 lyres as 29, because 29 will require a separate recharge.
  19. That would be logical. I'm curious whether the statements made above are old. I've noticed a few artists I know that Pandora does not have but still, have interruptibility been able to find music I like there. I've been four months without sound on my computer due to laziness and finally spent four minutes + reboot to install my sound card. I am too stupid. It's great though. The main problem with having bumped this is I've been scolded in the past :( [Rightfully So as I had nothing special to add]
  20. I enjoy Pandora alot. All internet radio is under threat though. Edit: Gah! Old thread. Tried to find a Pandora thread before I made my own and instead bumped a dead one. Sorry.
  21. I still want world dominations.....but it's 2007! :( At least I have my cabbages... :
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