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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. I didn't fall at all when I did it, but trying to get back out I fell once but that was okay because I wanted out anyway! 8-)
  3. I didn't fall at all going across the first time, but I did fall coming back, which was alright since I wanted out of the dungeon anyway!
  4. I've walked thru most of the desert and I can't find the goats! The update says they are in the Kharidian desert. Has anyone else found the goats yet? Edit: I found 3 east of the Desert Mining Camp.
  5. What is a pirate's favorite roast beef restaurant? Arrrrrrrrby's!
  6. Yay I completed my task. I got 2 fire battlestaves that high alched for 9300 gp apiece so I didn't make out too bad.
  7. They are my slayer task right now. I wear full rune but bring high food and rings of recoil. I only kill about 7 or 8 at a time cuz they hit really fast, usually 5s or 6s. My slayer lvl is 52 and this is the most annoying task by far. I fished some swordies last night so I'm going to use them tonight to hopefully complete the task.
  8. There is one teak tree southwest of Castle Wars. It was really fun last night having 4 people chopping one tree!
  9. What's all this talk about the Devil meaing blood? What about Jesus' blood?
  10. Right now I am making some cheese for some yummy anchovie pizzas! :P
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