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  1. Actually it was 99 smithing to make Steel Platemail. The best weapon was the adam longsword and best shield was Iron Kite. Steel SQ came with the Moss Gaints in a later update. The best armour was full adam exept the plate which was mithril. The highest level monster was Black Knight at level 46. When you created your character you chose a "class" to play. Warrior started with 3 in attack, defence and strength with 12 hitpoints. Adventurer started with 2 in all stats with 10 hitpoints. Ranger started with 1 in all with 12 hitpoints and 6 in ranged. Wizard started with 10 hitpoints and 7 goodmagic. Necromancer started with 7 evilmagic (I started was a Necromancer). The miner came later and started with 7 mining. At the start there were 4 quests if I remember correct. Cooks assistant, sheep sherer, demon slayer and that ghost quest. Can't remember the name right now. No wilderness at the beginning, you could attack people everywhere. The no attack in Lumbridge rule came later. You could only attack people 4 combat levels higher or lower then you, but since you didn't see the combat level you had to go by the colour of the attack text. So you could attack from light-yellow to dark-orange. You always lost all your items. The skull rule and keep three items came later. If you attacked someone in Varrock the guards attacked you. The original stats bar had two skills that never was intruduced to F2P. Tailoring was combined with Crafting and Herblaw came with P2P. Prayer had no function at the start. That's all for now. I think I got some old pics and the list of the 2000 first registered for Runescape, but I'll save those for now. If you happen to find something wrong with my post, please tell me
  2. You remember that? :shock: That's lovely to hear! :)
  3. What about Fook A Ji and the underground farm? ;)
  4. Anyone remembers me?
  5. I'm lazy, off hiscores Lilyuffie88 S1acker Thehate Miner Cire Ladydejavu Punk4ever Babym39 Gugge Vap137 Hohto Osbor Milo88 Bonebreaker6 Oergg Villandra Maximx Icedrop Doddo Livinlarge21 Tammy7738 Swedemike Vip Link 3 4dead Blunt Demon4 Abyss Worm Jddogg Rainbowdolph V0n Offer Cnn Dragon Darkrainnn Trunx Prince Korskin Ssj4 Gotenks Tibberman Pow3r Dr Sweden Malinor Grolshnok Bs Johannes Bradeddie Zorro Toy Rs Joe I Love U Now Destructokil Widjerd Blah Blah199 Demonllord Dumb Pk13 Panzer Pure Mackansuper The Great E Joe Pile Bigtiggax Lewis Uk Mc Looker Wizard Alwyn Godkillerz Bs Arkan The Old One Sue Me Kajdero Lord Tooth Flametongue Max333 God Of End J272 Fook A Ji Zoso Substar03 Vs Koma Hjl Spatz D3v L Misrbl Fish Snyggast Ex1le Lordlydie Kolipri Snyper Jr Unitpoop Partizan X Killabot X Ci Ni Pure Bonn Ss Killer Aurora1 Jalkapallo1 Sir Stallion Xxcavalierxx A S H L E Y Matu11 Alphy Pirate Pusan
  6. I saw a guy named "Me And Die" thats kinda cool.. "Attack Me And Die"
  7. Wrong. This wasn't an option at the very beginning. You sure? :? When I started, about a week after the release, you had to choose one of the following: Warrior, Adventurer, Ranger, Wizard, Necromancer. Warrior started with 3 in all fighting stats and 12 hits. Also with a bronze long and wooden shield. Adventurer with 2 in all fighting. Also some items like tinderbox, bronze axe, jug, pot. Ranger with 6 range I think. Shortbow and 10 arrows. Wizard with 7 good magic, a staff and a blue wizards hat. Necromancer with 7 evil magic, a staff and a black wizards hat. Miner was added later but started with 7 mining and a pickaxe.
  8. 4th January 2001 was it realeased to the public. I don't know when the beta started thought :(
  9. Bs Arkan Kalamies007 Daakpunk X K I D X Snyggast No order.
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