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  1. It's not interesting to me. It just irritates me when it feels my bank space. Unless there's a place to store them. If not, I rather not have them.
  2. The least I ask for is 75 total bank space. I don't think it's alot. 1 more thing, get random event custumes out of FTP or make a place for us to store them.
  3. Thank you. The reason why I want that ring to have effect to FTP players' is that, we can have a chance to feel what PTP can do. This way FTP might change their mind to be a PTP when they have a feel of it.
  4. Since no one use the current 1. Why not change it.
  5. By the way is that rubber duck from the holiday event item? If it is then i'll support because I can destroy it and back it back later on.
  6. I wonder if we click on the world map and our character will move to that destination just like our map does. This would help alot.
  7. Not really. If that really is then there will be no FTP now. All of us will be in PTP guilds.
  8. Everyones idea is almost the same.
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