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  1. just went on "a" clan chat while doing tourneys
  2. Ew, tzaar? The one that people rarely even see? Great, I was hoping for something I at least notice every once and a while.
  3. Try to train things that are fun, not things you feel you need to train. Training low level skills is also a good idea, since you gain levels very fast and you might even find you like the skill. Don't try to set one of those 99 goals. Taking breaks when you're bored helps, to.
  4. best bet is to report him. EDIT:nvm posted when person above me did
  5. You do not need to pray on every brother if you wear barrows armour, so bring 1-2 prayer pots. You don't need sharks, monkfish work fine. For the chest use torags plate, for the legs use veracs skirt. For the helm, you can use seers helm, torags helm, really any helm. Sara pot and super restores are useless if they go along with food, so replace them with more monks. You won't need more than 40 arrows. Also incase you plan to melee karil, don't, use mage instead. If you're wondering if your defense is high enough to use no prayer pots, I used to do it at your defense level all the time. EDIT:about that link above me, basically that poor outfit is what I generally did.
  6. orange salamanders to 59, red salamanders to 63, then red chinchompas.
  7. You can't be attacked while fighting the boss, but you can be attacked while casting the spell 100 times in order to use it outside the arena.
  8. Don't give it all away, you might come back from WOW. I play runescape and WOW.
  9. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=714860 This guide explains EVERYTHING. Theres another guide around, but this one should help you get the most bang from your buck.
  10. The new items sound like a good idea. But I don't think jagex would implement anything else new.
  11. Luck. I think it's pretty random, I got 500 iron ore one time.
  12. The end pyramid part of desert treasure...nothing but pure luck to get through it it seems.
  13. They probably won't settle. I got mine when they were 2.6, and they were the same for months.
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