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  1. I couldn't agree more with your speech. It's exactly the same with my parents, i.e. there's no way in you-know-where that I'll be able to pay for members.
  2. I really think you might want to notice the key thing about random events: they are RANDOM. This means that nothing influences how many or which ones you get, except what skill you are working on at the time.
  3. Only to high level 10-year-olds with severely overblown egos who want to put people down with their "level" on an online java applet. So basically no.
  4. Interesting read, regardless of its pertinence to RuneScape.
  5. So true, though he doesn't seem quite as bent on power. And I support, but being f2p, I just have to try and coax my friends into supporting it. No one say "Just pay the five bucks" because due to my parents, that is not an option.
  6. Best of luck in your future ventures. Shame I never got to know you. =(
  7. Problem is DI has only had a handful of wars in its history. Also, the last war they had was a loss to DS, much as DI would like to say otherwise. Additionally, if the war is off, why is this topic still around?
  8. awesome! time to break out the pink skirt and anything else goofy i have. Looks like a nice big bucket o' fun.
  9. Wow a nice small little pk run in huh. Congrats DS on the win, although you might want to choose a better word than "retreated," as that suggests cowardice, rather than strategy.
  10. you apparently misunderstood the article. The author discussed merchanting as a legitimate money-making method, as well as discussing the lows some merchants sink to. Edit- oh and halloapp, replace "offer" with "supply" and you have how to say it in english.
  11. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=393 ... sc&start=0 i reccommend checking out the above link, "The Final Word on P2P vs. F2p". Read the thread, it should clear up your misconceptions on how jagex will and should alot updates.
  12. and then the rest of the RS playing community would be happy. i like the idea runny
  13. f2p can burn maple logs. and yew bows will not be added to f2p. simple as that.
  14. i like the idea. but the whole thing would be members only. f2p is never going to get updated with another guild.
  15. oh yeah, 28 million coins definitely fit in a pocket. same thing with 500 reels of thread, 5,000 fishing bait, and 2 million feathers. (feel free to replace these numbers with any arbitrarily large ones.
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