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  1. What a noob! Look at this guy, I bet he reported hundreds of macros to get that little silver crown. Then theres the bank, You wouldn't have half that money if I hadn't told you about the willow merching thing...then you take credit for it? Last time I try to help my brother! #-o 9/10 for the bank, maybe 10 but you didn't say I found the merching scheme 8/10 for stats, nothing really that good 0/10 for outfit, it sucks my santa suit is better
  2. NUB! You didn't screeny us wcing together? nub nub nub nub 10/10 for being in the GES! 10/10 for level 60 rc, I only have 55 :cry: 10/10 for having an awesome rs name! or trade me is nub
  3. 9/10, it's all awesome, but your stats are pretty uneven. Nice bank too :
  4. Cooking cape, just get 99 cooking (easy) then pay $5 and you have a cape!
  5. That's awesome! 10/10 for level...and an extra 10 because of the awesome outfit
  6. I've made 6m since it last came out, and I've only logged in maybe 10 times? I don't see whats so bad about it. Its easy and conveniant
  7. I agree with saru, maybe get some more money so you can raise your buyables
  8. Look under wallpapers, and there is one called Summoning concept art or something, and there is a wolf thingy there that might be what you are looking for. (too lazy to link)
  9. hey about the 1k vies thing, for somebody who just started here it is pretty amazing to have a topic with 1k views. Do you have one? =D> I'm not saying I do (I read most of the time not post) I'm saying nobody cares how many veiws there is, and if they do they can look about 5cm over on the screen. I won't reply anymore to this topic cuz I'm just spamming it up
  10. It might come out it might not, but I don't think Jagex put that in the skill cape as a dragon pick, doesn;t really look dragon anyways. Oh 1k+ veiws!!!!(nobody cares =; )
  11. I'm f2p and I like this update, just because it's not a new level 400 monster that drops dragon chains doesn't mean its not a good update. And to all you who think graphics shouldn't be updated, go play minesweeper I hear they never update THOSE graphics.
  12. I'd like to race 74 atm (whats up with the goal sigs these days? lolipop137
  13. Go pita! Hunter capes look awesome keep up the good hunting! your gonna be a rich lil nubblet at the end :o
  14. I'm getting 2 99s right now (got cooking now 68 firemaking) Those I think are the two easiest 99s so I thought. I want them so I can get a very good cape to use in combat without risking a fire cape. Yeah they are worth it they look sweet and have awesome stats
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