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  1. I'm sad to see you go... When is your last login? We'll throw you a party. lol no reason to get butthurt over what i said. have fun with carpel tunnel ;)
  2. lol what a joke. jagex is really starting to fizz out on updates. grindscape is cool and all but jesus. these people's poor wrists. i got mems till like march but i probably won't even bother anymore. the updates now are terrible.
  3. can any body help me get a social slayer point? lol Edit: nevermind
  4. social slayer point? lameeeeeeeeee
  5. so where are sinkholes at? i never played it before. EDIT: nevermind.
  6. whats this one: One of the weakest weapons around, anybody can make it.?
  7. pwd hell yea!

  8. I agree and bet most of the rs community would agree. Tipit just has so many high-levels (which I would include myself in) that many barely remember training skills before 90. Sidenote: What happened to the XP-boost changing from last month? I don't remember actually seeing anything. Mod Emilee (I think) mentioned that the system took more work than expected, and had to be psotponed. lame, that is what i was really looking forward to the most in may lol.
  9. still nobody want to explain it? lol.
  10. i have no clue what the hell i am supposed to do in this update.. lol lady talks in riddles.
  11. sounds extremely lame to me, but ill give it a shot.. really disapointing to be honest..
  12. Please read Marius' post above yours. okay. i didn't have a problem till this new update with the chrome stuff (chrome sucks but that's a whole other topic lol) ill try to install java on IE i guess. lol EDIT: okay i loaded up IE and it said something about Java. and now it works.. odd stuff.. lol. thanks though! :)
  13. i can't play in swiftkit anymore either. says i need to update java, when i already have the newest version. firefox it works fine.
  14. i give up.. lol 6fps at the most.. 2 at least. no bueno!
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