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  1. I'll mage you in Obs. Add me. we can start off with 50M stakes unless you wanna go higher.
  2. Get your defence to 70 and magic to 94 and you should have no problem. I started at 92 mage aswell back in 06.
  3. Tupac all day. My day doesn't feel right if i don't bump a track by Pac atleast once. & Lupe Fiasco. I like lyrical rap.
  4. What was that? :mrgreen: That was like 4 years ago newb :shades: And I was in a J mods CC when they said they would NEVER bring free trade back. But yeah... I'll update this thread when I have time. I've been at the Arena every day, been cleaned 4 times already. The first day I made 2.3b I have a few vids i'm working on and like 40 pics.
  5. Can't wait to reak havoc on these new kids. I've been practicing with old staking buddies new methods, combos, strategies with new gear-we have learned so much. Sooooo ready to bring W22 back.. along with an audience like old times..
  6. This picture made me lol so hard. My girlfriend happened to look over as i opened this thread and wondered WTF im looking at.
  7. Ding dong ditch... Scarred for life from that game...
  8. Explored a construction site when i was 12 or 13, found a forklift with the keys in it. Boy was that fun...
  9. Anyone ever play pogs back in the day? Won & lost alot of lunch money as a little kid. Playing sega genesis & nintend 64 with friends trading games. Playing red rover, man hunt, bike rides, getting in trouble. Climbing trees, building forts. Used to steal pokemon cards, and trade to classmates for Lego sets and pog slammers. The good ol' days... Share your stories
  10. White owl cigarillo filled with Grand Daddy Purple to the dome.
  11. Drive bys, overdoses, suicides, I don't have enough room left ot get tattoos of all my fallen friends ;(
  12. We have been porting money into Haiti for years and where has it gone?
  13. I love how America sends out money & troops to help don't get me wrong i'm sympathetic, but where were the Haitians when Katrina hit?
  14. Pm me if anyone's interested. You don't need to post on my topics everytime i make a new one becuase you can't X log anymore Toast....
  15. Mage boxing any level no armor, no potions, no food, obsticals on. I'm staking "mint cakes" which are worth 10,000gp trade value but worth 2 mill - 4 mill street value. Add me in-game or post here. I'll consider changing rules if you'd like to range vs mage me, or melee vs mage me. Not sure if this is the right forum...
  16. Tupac was planning for his death, you can hear it in his lyrics. While he was alive he was making 2-3 tracks a day. Not everything he made while he was alive; was released. I've heard a few tracks from the upcomming album and his vocals WERE NOT tweaked, and the beats ARE NOT like the beats that come out today. They go with his vocals very well. That's my opinion and you can voice yours if you'd like, I myself am a huge Tupac fan. I've seen all the movies he's made and I own all his albums.
  17. Tupac shakur is releasing yet another album after being dead for 12 years. The album is titled "Shakurspeare" It will contain some of Shakur's first songs recorded in 1988 during the so called Born Busy Sessions. It will contain older Tupac recordings in their original form. The vocals for "Shakurspeare" were originally recorded in acappella form on cassette in 1988 (when he was known as MC New York) and have since been digitally mastered and paired to contemporary beats crafted by Baltimore producer Darrin Keith Bastfield. In August 2009 it was announced by Bastfield that the album would be pushed back from its original September 2009 release date to that of 16th of June 2010 [Tupac's 39th Birthday]. Any Tupac fans in here? No doubt the best rapper ever.
  18. Around 65m cash, green mask, santa, Ags, 3a mage top, 99 construction banked-won from staking never took the time to start on it. And my white phat, it's my baby.
  19. I would control the rares market. Become very powerful and well known.
  20. 57 Agility? I find no point in training it unless it's a Quest requirement. Find it boring running around for exp literally.
  21. 394 days, 13 hours over an 7-8 year span. The Classic years I played a lot merchanting partyhats, not skilling. $>skills
  22. Welcome to the 99 Magic club, Mage has been my favorite stat since Runescape Classic.
  23. My brother was a piill addict for around 2 years I've always smoked marijuana, since I was 11. I converted him from pills to marijuana, he is now around 4-5 months sober. He used to rely on pills daily and I convinced him thats smoking marijuana is a better way to relieve stress, or to enjoy the high rather then spending $15.00 on one pill and nodding out in front of friends and family. I smoke around 2-3 grams of Hydro a week depending if i have the money. If I don't have the money then I wont buy it. Marijuana changed his life for the better. He smokes maybe 3-4 times a week with me.
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