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  1. Hehe, did this on my last task. Ranarr seed. :
  2. I have work experience to do in a year or so. I live in the UK. Hmm... :lol:
  3. Nah. I've played many futuristic games, and I still prefer the good old sword-slapping.
  4. Mmm my playing time is determined by me. My parents often pass comments when I'm on a bit longer than I can, but because I know that I can play a game and have good grades simultaneously, I don't give a cabbage about what anyone says.
  5. Monster: Ice Warriors Amount: 60 Crimson: 0 Green: 0 Gold: 22 Blue: 1
  6. If RS reps were here now, they'd be telling us this is what they meant by saying if they didn't stop RWT, RS would die.
  7. First to find someone wearing the hoodie wins a cookie. :lol:
  8. Sorry but I dont get quite get it, its probably simple but im not sure what youre trying to say...explain plz? As in like, in fullscreen when you get the inv open for example, the window itself is translucent. I'd rather it opaque D: and the chatbox. Easier to read.
  9. BRIGN PK BAK!!!!!!11111oneone11!!1 Heh, in all seriousness, allow an opaque interface in HD. Might be a bit too much, but atm it's quite empty.
  10. An area such as: |x| |x| |x| |x| |x| |x| Where the |'s are fences, x is open area which is awkward to get to. Rangers and mages from each side, would be epic O_O
  11. 'All of these supermarkets say I can get cheaper car insurance? I'm confused... dot com.' AHAHA UR SO WITTI 'Did you [puncture] yourself with a needle while sewing? Did you jump out of the window? Phone InjuryLawyers4TheAbolitionOfCommonSense and we'll give you 100% REAL MONEY! Yes, REAL MONEY, because you're a fruiting idiot!'
  12. Around 25% of British teens HAVE PLAYED RUNESCAPE, is probably the true fact. The title seems biased. Of the ~90 in my year group (15-16), around 5 play RS actively, and that's very high in itself.
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