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  1. I don't want to endorse young players to a live of Runescape, as runescape took a turn for the worse and became the pile of poo it now is, with mod MMG - the [wagon] - at the top. You need to stop cutting over being ignored by some random J mod on his friend list. If you want to act like a 12 year old girl, I hear Hello Kitty is starting a new mmorpg sometime soon, so do cash in on that action. Also if you're so serious about quitting Runescape, why should it matter which clan lists you are on or not? Seriously, take a breather and stop acting childish and attention [bleep]-ish. Edit: Also what happened to my sig and avatar :o
  2. It's possible for f2pers to attain 126 combat, boring but possible. :shock: That being said, unless you're talking abt the update from Runescape Classic to Rs2, since RS2 was around, the level cap was 126. 126 combat is 99 in all melee stats and hp, AND 98+ prayer. Just thought I'd clarify
  3. Hmm 99 attack, strength, defense, hitpoints and prayer, all f2p. Working on 99 range and mage at the moment :-P got it banked but i r lazy :oops: To willski4beer, nope, only 1 f2p 126 at the moment, syzygy's almost there just 4 levels to go :), you probably saw p2p 126s on f2p pking at rocks.
  4. Gratz on your levels :-P I honestly have to give props to people who get 99 mining and 99 rc f2p. 99 prayer was a pain in the neck, but I cannot imagine mining so many ruddy ores. At the risk of being sexist, high levelled f2p girls are rare to come by. @Pran, long time no see :-P and i'm still very much f2p ciao franzk
  5. I'd actually consider working for getting on this if I didn't hate skilling :-P Still I'm content with being the only f2p 126 for a while :-P Syzygy's catching up with 94 though. Think you guys need to remove Its me garg from there, :( He got p2p for 2 months :( Training range/mage now to 99 so I can be done with all my f2p combat stats. ciao franzk
  6. Prince Ali, annoying quest, had to walk all over the ruddy place.
  7. Same topic on the p2p discussion boards. Grow the hell up, RS isn't RL
  8. Noo. Coz then he'd have to actually do something other than whine. God forbid :roll:
  9. If you're starving or craving a particular kind of meat, you'll eat it no matter what it is. How can you hate the Chinese coz some of them eat dogs. That's just dumb. Hindus might hate you coz you eat beef. Your neighbour might hate you coz he has an unhealthy obsession with beetroot which you love. Don't hate, thats pointless. Heck I'd eat dog meat if it was cooked well to see what it tasted like, and I have a pet dog.
  10. Shut the page and run like hell @@ :wall:
  11. And I thought I was kinky :shock:
  12. You are a very mean and nasty person and I don't like you are very mean. Wat did th doggs evr do to you? In China I hav dog and we worhsip it and u come her being mean about dog nt very nise. O have a cry. In China they've cooked dogs and cats before.. what are you talking about. Direct from Wikipedia
  13. Yes I too am shocked and appalled at the strays in Varrock. Jagex needs to incorporate electric prods into the game so we can prod them to death and watch them squirm from a distance. We might get e-fleas if not ! Very valid point. And what about the healthy dogs? Can't we cook them for food ? Dog leg shish kebabs etc etc No offense, but its overly sensitive politically correct self righteous annoying people like the creator of this thread that make me pro choice instead of pro life. ciao franzk
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