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  1. That was an awesome guide! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. I generally don't use foods anymore. The two methods I use now... 1. Full Guthan. Perfect against most monsters since it steals their hitpoints. Although a complete set costs about 9m 2. Bones to peaches spell. Provided the monster drops regular bones, you can use this spell indefinately. I once spent an entire two weeks in smoke pits without having to leave using this technique.
  3. I somehow doubt he survived.... would you want to?
  4. Well cheers guys... that was all pretty helpful. Definately going for an LCD so I don't have to replace the chemicals, also getting a HD one like suggested. Cheers
  5. I mean differences like, power consumption, picture quality, reliablity etc...
  6. Guys, was thinking about buying a new TV next week. Probably going to spend about 1.5k or thereabouts. Anyway, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this and was wondering what you guys think is better and why.... a plasma TV or LCD TV? Cheers.
  7. I will update the list to see what the most popular teams are. You can vote teams from any nation. Mine : Glasgow Celtic. LEAGUE =============
  8. BEING BRITISH IS GREAT BECAUSE... * We have an incredible history. * We were once the biggest empire in the world. * We have the fourth most powerful armed forces in the world. * We have enormous diversity, a combniation of 4 nations. * Our country has the longest name in the world. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. * We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. * We're the fifth most powerful economy in the world. (notice most of these things are in the distant past?) BEING BRITISH SUCKS BECAUSE... * We have the highest underage pregnancy rate on the entire planet * We have more reality TV shows than any other nation. * 2 million of us are [developmentally delayed]ed (incidentally, 2 million people watch Big Brother)... coincidence? I think not. * Our closest neighbour is France * Racist incidents recorded by the police are second only to those of South Africa. * It takes me 90 mintues to drive 12 miles because our roads are so over crowded. * Have you heard our new Eurovision song contest entry? OMG!
  9. I remember this well. Dunblane is only a 20 minute drive from where I live... You should see what they've done to the schools around here since. Every primiary and secondary school has had huge fences errected around them (as if that's gonna stop a gun totting maniac like Hamilton), and to be honest, they all look like prisons now.
  10. I've only ever had the mime event twice in the four years I've been playing =(
  11. * I want to know how a bunch of Harpie bugs can carry heavy mith chain armour * Eating food heals you? Need to remember that next time I pull a muscle. * Arrows only travel about 20 feet.... what's that about? ;) * If I pray hard enough, then I am completely invurnable to all forms of attack! * I can stand next to a stall and repeatedly steal stuff for hours on end and the guy who owns the stall is dumb enough to constantly replace them every few seconds ;) * The Master Farmer carries hundreds of thousands of seeds in his pockets! * I can carry 28 bars of gold! Man, I'm soooo strong. * I can cook a shark in under 2 seconds! * I can turn tin into gold! * I can teleport from one end of the planet to the other... the uncertainty principle does not apply to me! * I am frequently assaulted by a chicken that has magical powers * I amunable to buy more than 10 items at a time. * A plot of farming land which is at least 144 square feet, is unable to yield more than 20 strawberries. * I can grow a potato in under 30 mins!.... miracle grow or what! * An inventory that can carry 28 full plate mail is apparently too small to hold 29 finger rings.... hmmmmm. Oh, I could go on all night... point is, it's only a game. If you tried to make it realistic, there'd be no point in playing... you could just wander out into the real world and play there instead.
  12. Yup, the guy owns.... But, is he a striker or a goalkeeper? It's difficult to tell with the amount of diving he does ;)
  13. Totally against the idea of a reset. There will ALWAYS be people above you in the game, so that's not a good enough reason to reset. If RS was reset, they'd lose the vast majority of their most dedicated players. I know I'd leave. What's the point in all those years of hard work just to have it wiped out? And what about all those areas in the game that are only accessible when you reach certain levels or complete certain quests? They'd be empty for months and months and completely useless if the game was reset. Ain't gonna happen!
  14. I seen a guy today who was called "drugdealer". Surely that's not acceptable at all. He was an average level too, so he's had that name for a while and Jagex haven't done a thing.
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