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  1. I met my wife to be (in five weeks), in a local nightclub. Although we didn't recognise each other at the time, it turned out that we used to get on the same bus to work a couple of years before and fancied each other even then. Neither of us had the courage to act on that attraction at the time though lol.
  2. Harrington


    3-4 years ... Thats NOTHING. Exactly, think about Duke Nukem Forever. Having since read up on it, the game was originally intended to be released in 2006... so I'd say they're running slightly behind schedule.
  3. Yeah, a good result for Germany, but not a very exciting match. Typical Germans I suppose... just doing enough and no more. Hopefully tomorrow night's entertainment will be a little better :) P GD PTS Netherlands 2 6 6 Romania 2 0 2 France 2 -3 1 Italy 2 -3 1 Holland vs Romania (Holland have already qualified) France vs Italy (unless Romania beat Holland, it's a do or die match) Holland have finished top no matter what, so I recon they'll put out a reserve team against Romania. France and Italy MUST win their game. Whoever loses is definately out, and a draw may put both of them out. Even a win won't guarantee either of them a place, if Romania pick up a win. I'm gonna be brave and say that Romania will beat a Dutch reserve team, putting both Italy and France out of the competition (much like they deserve to be, if I'm being honest)
  4. Sounds like a desperate bid to bring oil prices down lol. * "Oh, there's a new bug that turns garbage into petrol!" * Oil trading prices drop slightly due to slightly substantiated evidence * Inventor of bug (or whoever he's in league with), buy millions/billions of oil at reduced price * "Oh, turns out that trash eating bug was fake/mistaken/needsfutherresearch... * Price of oil rises again. * Affore mentioned inventors and associates make a killing by selling oil at new high ... or something to that effect I imagine.
  5. I recon it'll open an window within the game window that'll show your relative position on the RS world map. It probably won't be a full world map, but rather the area you are in.
  6. Great diary... I only wish they'd provide more screenies :) Can't wait for this new graphical update... hope it all goes smoothly.
  7. Harrington


    I'm gonna check out the demo, but I'm pretty sure I heard about this game 3-4 years ago. It's taking them ages to release it.
  8. Guild Wars is the best RPG I've ever played, but you may have missed the boat on that one. It's a bit older, but I'd highly recommend Diablo 2 (with the expansion pack). You'll pick it up for buttons and there's maybe 100+ hours of enjoyable game play to take from it.
  9. Underworld I love this movie so much. Great story line, superb action and Kate is just uber sexy in her rubber outfit... yum. They just don't make enough cool and slick movies like this one. 9/10
  10. Man, you've gotta love the "Justice System". If you've got money and fame, then you can do whatever the hell you like. It's absolutely true... Hall of Shame * R Kelly (another technicality) * O J Simpson (still promises to find the man that did it lol. Find a mirror... case closed) * Wesley Snipes (anyone else would've been given the full sentence for tax evasion) * Michael Jackson (how many times?!?) * Pete Docherty (been arrested eleven times now) - finally did a whole 17 days in prison! wow! * Amy Winehouse (junkie scum and a bad advert for all would be junkie scum) * Britney Spears (her little tantrum outside the courthouse was hilarious)
  11. Just one? Dang... Oh well, Pete Docherty (as a lesson to all would be junkies who think it's cool to be like him)
  12. Employment wise, I'm a retail manager, but I'm really fed up with the company I work for and need a change of scenery. My shares mature in April, so I'm waiting until that happens then I'm thinking about applying for the Police. Relationship wise, I'm getting married at the end of July. My partner is really excited about it, but I'm just bewildered at the huge cost lol. In saying that, I can't wait for the honeymoon when we'll be off to Florida. Freetime wise, I'm getting pretty bored with gaming. I need a new hobby. Just bought a guitar, so I might get into that. I've been playing a few other online games recently like Travian and Astro Empires to while away the hours. Think I'll wait until the Euro2008 championships are over, then I'll get stuck into a new hobby :)
  13. P GD PTS 1 Croatia 2 2 6 2 Germany 2 1 3 3 Austria 2 -1 1 4 Poland 2 -2 1 The way I see it, all Germany need is a draw tonight to guarantee qualification. Even if Poland win against Croatia, they'd be even on points but since Germany won that particular head to head, they qualify (even if Poland have a better goal difference). I don't see Poland qualifying anyway, since if Germany lose, then Poland must hope that it's by only one goal, giving Austria level goal difference. This would leave Poland requiring a 3-0 win over Croatia to qualify... barring some kind of miracle, Poland are basically out. So the most entertaining game to watch tonight will be the Germany vs Austria game since they both have something very real to play for :) I'm pretty certain Germany will join Croatia in the quarterfinals.
  14. There's a few skills I could live without Hunting for one... although i've got lvl 99, I've never used it before or after for anything useful at all. Firemaking... shade burning was useful back in the day, but now there's nothing going for this skill Smithing... the best armour you can smith is rune, even noobs turn their nose up at rune armour these days. Mining... as above^ The rest of the skills I enjoy and use regularily :)
  15. Incredible Hulk (the new one). It rocked. I was really surprised since the last one sucked so much. The story was still a bit rubbish, but Norton plays the character really well, and you sympathise with his plight. Even if you're not into comic book adaptations, you'll still enjoy this. 8/10
  16. I just realised after reading this, that I haven't bought a DVD in nearly four months lol. I refuse to buy any more since I've got a bluray player now, but also refuse to pay stupid money for bluray discs. *sigh, will be a while before I post on this thread again lol*
  17. Yeah, Turkey's comeback was just about the best I've seen in International football. Impressive turnaround (even if Petr Cech kinda' helped them along). As for the sending off, it wasn't a penalty since the ball was out of play at the time of the incident.
  18. I don't have a picture, but for me it was the Duelling Dragons in Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Fl =D>
  19. Yeah, same here, plus the RSOF are offline too... I assume they did that on purpose to prevent 100k posts moaning about it lol. These forums are crawling too :(
  20. The streak continues for as long as you don't go to the Burthorpe master. Ok, thanks man
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