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    Well I have been making quite a lot of sigs recently and made this one following a tut: I love the outcome so I'll probably make more with this style Looking for some CC to help me improve. Trying to ween myself off tutorials at the moment :thumbup: (not that tutorials are bad, they are very helpful!)
  2. I use to say this to all these recent closing topics :sad: Do take note though that this closure is not related to any of the recent closures of clans. All during 2009 we were basically struggling to get MoD back to where it use to be and this just happens to be the day we accept closure
  3. Quoted from our leader, Kiwiwithbow, from our clan forums. Personally I was in MoD from May 2008 and really enjoyed my time. Glad to have been with MoD until the end. Once a MoD, always a MoD.
  4. Haha that's the first thing I thought when I saw it :oops: Anyway, yours is definately more vibrant and "sunny" like :thumbup: Nice job
  5. Fine lol make it difficult :( Someone add a poll
  6. Yeah well it was 28th for me and it didn't seem like anyone else was going to enter. 28th now though and no more entries so its done. Btw when do I get the underbanner for winning the last one :(
  7. Not sure if you guys extend when only one entry but I'm just going to close it now and give winner to NoFuns, now you can make it littleboy :thumbsup: Congrats to NoFuns for winning! The only entry, but a great entry! :thumbup:
  8. He scratched the entire idea
  9. The palace looks quite blurry compared to the hands
  10. The ring just seems useless to me, what is the purpose of having it there? The stuff wrapping the globe is very nice though :thumbsup:
  11. When I said reality I meant how the wind/snow, water and plants/nature all work together Like that but your new one looks good! Maybe have text around the ring?
  12. Oo making them fade would be good, since they all link together in reality, Having the globe definately looks better. If you moved the 3 symbols to sit on the edge of the globe that might look better and then they would be close enough to connect
  13. I was about to say how many sets I have but that might not be a good idea :ohnoes:
  14. Would it look better having only 3 sun rays instead of 4, and have each one point towards an element?
  15. I'm not sure about the binding ring thing, it would be better if they were being bounded in the triangle shape not a circle
  16. Yet another clan to close in these recent times *sigh* Well good luck to those who were Akel, hope you find a new home :)
  17. I should thank all the skilled people who didn't enter :thumbsup: The winner makes the next topic correct?
  18. I remember it being there |^_^| Bring it back! :)
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